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Coco LaBouche
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Age Unknown
Race Human
Occupation Head of the Reptarland (formerly)
Interests Ruining the special day
Kidnapping the babies (including Angelica Pickles)
Seducing Chas Finster
Being president
Friends Jean-Claude
Mr. Yamaguchi (formerly)
Enemies Tommy
Voice Actor Susan Sarandon

Coco LaBouche is the main antagonist of the Rugrats film, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She is the cold-hearted, child-hating head of the EuroReptarland wishing to be head of Yamaguchi Industries (the parent company for the Reptar-franchise). Her employer tells her that she must learn to love children first, to which she lies by saying she's engaged to a man with a child of his own. She tries to get Chas Finster to love and marry her just so she can get promoted to president. This sets the climax of the movie.


Coco LaBouche runs the amusement park EuroReptarland, a Japanese theme park located in Paris, France. Coco's first seen screaming at several of her workers to start the Reptar show. After the massive robotic Reptar's head falls off and damages the audience seats from causing the short-circuit, an angry Coco angrily ordering her secretary, Kira Watanabe, to bring the designer, Stu Pickles out to Paris for their massive robotic Reptar to be repaired within 24 hours immediately.

Not long after the arrival of Stu with his family and friends at EuroReptarland in Paris, Coco arrives with her assistant, Jean-Claude to her office to find the Rugrats playing around and Tommy ruined her collections of Koi fishes and her fountain which she then sends out Jean-Claude to call in Kira, who she calmly escorts the children away from the office. Coco sits in her office and awaits to watches Stu arrive before demanding him to repair the Reptar robot.

Later on when Stu leaves her office, Coco has a video call with her boss, Mr. Yamaguchi, who plans to retire as President of Yamaguchi Industries. Coco decides to be Yamaguchi's successor for his company, but he tells her that she's one of the many people being considered for the job and most important that his true successor has to love children since as they're the main audience target for the Reptar franchise. Not wanting to lose her chance, Coco lies to him by claiming to be engaged to a man with a child of his own, but rather than name Coco as his successor immediately, Mr. Yamaguchi tells her that they'll talk about the promotion after the wedding occurs, much to Coco's dismay. Unbeknownst to Yamaguchi, Coco hates kids in general as Jean-Claude try to quickly figure out how and where they're going to find a single man with a child just as they discovers Angelica Pickles hiding in her office eating all of her chocolates.

An angry Coco attempts to have Angelica locked up in jail, but Angelica, having to overheard everything and wanting to avoid Coco's wrath, admits to tell her about Chas is looking for a woman to date in hopes of Chuckie to finally getting a loving stepmother. Upon hearing this, Coco is delighted and offers a deal to Angelica by saying that she'll help her into impressing Chas and make Angelica will become the flower girl for the wedding and have her very own float and ponies in the parade in return, even providing ice cream for Angelica to make sure as she holds to bribe up her at the end of the deal.

Coco seducing Chas

Meeting Chas during the family dinner with the Pickles & DeVilles, Coco (with the reluctant Kira's help after Coco forces her, who has a crush on Chas although she's unaware of Coco's real motives) uses the opportunity to pretends to fall in love with Chas while continuously impressing him as much as possible for the next several days. However, Coco learns from Angelica that Chas is very much smitten with her until she has trouble trying to earn affection from Chuckie doesn't like her at all, but learns from Angelica that Chuckie is enchanted and wishes for his new mommy to be with the princess character who befriends Reptar of the Reptar franchise. Coco take it to resolves this by swiftly sneaking onto the stage to snatching the original actress playing the princess from the set and stealing her role when Chas and Chuckie attend the show. While Coco happily performs the role of the princess by singing "Reptar I Love You", she hides her face behind a hand fan and sings directly to Chuckie as he approaches her thinking she's the princess and kindly shares his Teddy bear Wawa with her.

However, when Chuckie reaches Coco, she throws the hand fan aside and revealing her face to him, Chas, Dil and Kira are apparently the only ones who recognize her, earning her an ovation from the audience as the crowd cheers. Though Chuckie is dismayed that Coco playing the princess that she tries to steal his teddy bear, Chas officially decides that he agrees to marry Coco, much to the other families' shock. Coco happily takes this as her sign of fortune, knowing now that she's close to earning the promotion.

The several days later on the following day, the wedding is getting prepared at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. While Coco is getting ready for the wedding with Chas, she is disgusted to see the babies who are eating the leftover foods under a cart in the hallway. Noticing Chuckie holding his teddy bear Wawa, Coco forcefully grabs and yanks Chuckie's Teddy bear out of his hands, causing the babies to collide the stand which accidentally break a vase before it nearly falls on top of Dil, which Tommy save his brother from it.

Having enough of the babies' antics, Coco orders Jean-Claude to lock the babies away inside the warehouse storing the robotic Reptar, despite their being part of the wedding, as she doesn't want them there to ruin it until the wedding is over, even betraying Angelica by having her locked up along with them which revealing that she never intended to give Angelica a parade float or ponies for the matter at all. This act was witnessed by a horrified Kira as Jean-Claude escorts the babies to the warehouse.

Coco then orders a horrified Kira to throw out Wawa before slamming out of the room, revealing her true colors. Kira feels sympathetic for the children and sadly hugs Chuckie's teddy bear in pity. On their way to the Cathedral, Kira furiously confronts Coco about deceiving Chas and vows to tell him the truth for about what she have done to the innocent children. However, Coco fires her on the spot and kicks Kira out of the limo before driving away and going to Notre Dame alone.

Coco ordering the babies to be locked away during her wedding with Chas

Inside the warehouse where the babies are being held captive by Jean-Claude, a depressed Chuckie apologize to his others about journeys to find the princess to become his mother, ignoring Tommy's reassurance about Reptar mecha as their companion and laments over the fact that Coco is about to become his stepmother who’ll mistreat him and his friends and cries in misery, much to the babies' pity. This makes an ashamed Angelica try to comfort Chuckie, and confess about Coco's plan to him and others, the babies are quite confused at first until she admits her involvement to Coco's plan, much to their shock.

Chuckie is shocked at this revelations and before an outraged Dil starts to catcall on Angelica for her actions, which Tommy agreeing with Dil and angrily criticize her for it and she apologizes to the babies for it in shame and guilt. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, Chuckie grew tired of being afraid and rallies up his friends to help him stop the wedding, but Tommy and Chuckie both didn't know where they could get a ride to Notre Dame on time until they remember the giant robotic Reptar. Once arriving at Notre Dame, Coco marches forward, but signals the singer to stop and starts the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, the babies sneak inside the giant robotic Reptar, use it to escape the warehouse and rush to the cathedral. Unfortunately, Jean Claude spots them and boards the giant Robosnail to stop the babies.

During the wedding, Chuckie has enough time to arrive because Chas spends an long entire hour reciting what he believes to be his favorite poem until she intercepts the phone call from Jean-Claude that the babies had escaped and they're on their way to the Notre Dame. Coco berates Jean-Claude for it, but nearly out loud in front of everyone, who are bewildered by this before she makes a pathetic excuse and continues the wedding.

The pandemonium breaks out in Paris as the babies make their way to the cathedral, including being swing around mid-air by Robosnail and rocketing up the side of the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, Chuckie manages to defeat Robosnail by pulling on the antennas then letting go of it, causing Robosnail to swerve out of control and sending it and Jean-Claude into the Seine River at the bridge.

Meanwhile, Coco loses her patience and forces the ceremony forward by rushing the Archbishop that don't pronounces marriage until she completely loses her temper and furiously tosses the Bible at him. Just before the Wedding is about to be finished with the archdeacon asking anyone if Chas and Coco shouldn't be married, Chuckie barges in through the door and screaming out "No" loud at his very first word, much to the adults' surprise and astonishment. Chas is thrilled to see Chuckie finally talking for the first time and hugs him as he comforts him. Coco pretends to be happy to see Chuckie and tries to hug him, but he refuses and embraces his father instead.

But a moments later, Jean-Claude bursts in and accidentally reveals that Coco's kidnapping plot has failed out loud. Coco tries to tell everyone to ignore Jean-Claude by calling him an "unemployed fool". But Chas, finally realizing what an evil liar Coco truly is, angrily calls off the wedding. Just then, Kira and the kids with Spike and Fifi arrive to the Church and Angelica attempts to tell everyone the truth about Coco's plan, but Coco promptly hushes Angelica. Suddenly, Mr. Yamaguchi appears in attendance, revealing he had decided to come to the wedding in person that he's been witnessing the entire ceremony and demanding to ask Angelica to tell them to know about what she has to say about Coco trying to do. Realizing now that she's in trouble, Coco smiles nervously as Angelica rightfully reveals about Coco's hatred of children and her scheme to marry Chas just so that she could take control of the entire Reptar franchise to abuse innocent children as the new president of the company, which left the families shocked and horrified at this revelation. Just as Coco about to attack at Angelica for exposing her, Yamaguchi, angered by Coco's deceit and treachery, immediately dismissed her on the spot before he leaves the church.

Upset, Coco complains about her dismissal and attempts to storm out of Notre Dame, but is stopped and she notices Tommy, Phil and Lil standing on her dress gown. Furious, Coco yanks her gown and knocks them downward in front of everybody, much to their families' shock including Angelica's horror.

An outraged Angelica furiously declares that only she is allowed to pick on the babies, and would not allow anybody else to do so. Before Coco leaves Notre Dame in a huff, Angelica steps on and rips Coco's gown as she's walking out, revealing her lingerie in front of everyone with Jean-Claude mockingly sings about it. As Coco leaves and criticizes everyone to take pictures of her lingerie, several tourists with cameras taking lot pictures of her exposed lingerie, much to her anger and humiliation. Coco runs off and sobbing in defeat with Jean-Claude following her while Spike attacks and chases him off for trying to hurt the babies.

Coco's dress ripped off by Angelica

It is unknown what happens to Coco after her defeat. She and Jean-Claude apparently didn't get arrested for their crimes, as they should have. Either she was working at Ooey Gooey World in EuroReptarland, working at the Perfume P.U (Parfum de P.U) where she tests deodorizers on people with smelly armpits and smelly, feet or she is doing both. Both are unlikely, as she was fired by Mr. Yamaguchi, which would mean she wouldn't be able to get a job through all of EuroReptarland, which is more likely than she working at the Parfum de P.U.


Coco has almond skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. She always wears a pair of triangle-shaped earrings (somewhat similar to the pair that Didi usually wears) that double as a communicator and wears a purplish lipstick with purple eyeshadow. She has brown hair but sometimes wears a purple wig.

She is often seen wearing extremely extravagant and flamboyant outfits, regardless of the situation. When she speaks with Stu and Mr. Yamaguchi, her dress is red with a big green zipper on the front, and she wears a pair of big green platform heels with clocks on them. Another time, during her date with Mr. Finster, she wears a strange purple turban and a dress with pointed shoulders, flared sleeves, and a pair of purple platform shoes.


Coco LaBouche is a very wicked, cruel, heartless, child-hating, arrogant, cold-hearted, hateful, selfish, greedy, diabolical, manipulative and extremely shorted and ill-tempered woman. She despises children and constantly lies and screams to get whatever she wants also extremely abusive and cruel towards her employees like her right-hand man Jean-Claude and her assistant Kira. She constantly insults Jean-Claude and treats Kira even worse, such as demanding her to throw away Chuckie's precious teddy bear. She's also extremely seductive, coquettish, deceptive and provocative when she was able to seduce Chas quite easily, but quickly shows her true colors when Chas' back is turned away and also backstabbing in nature, as shown when she offered Angelica a ton of promises in exchange of her help to win Chas' heart, which only double-crosses Angelica by having her locked up with the babies as well.


Coco has only appeared in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and hasn't appeared in the Rugrats TV series ever since, mostly due to the fact that she lives in Paris, France and that Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was the only time the babies and their parents are seen traveling to Paris.

However, Coco was briefly mentioned by Kira twice in the episode "Finsterella" by her while she was rehearsing her lines as Cinderella's stepmother. She has been mentioned again in "Back to School," where Chuckie refers to her as the "smelly French woman."


  • Coco LaBouche is voiced by Susan Sarandon, which is her first and only G-rated film she ever starred in.
  • The scene where Angelica steps on Coco's wedding dress, revealing her panties, stockings, and garter belt in front of everybody (including people with cameras) is similar to the scene in It Takes Two, where the real Alyssa Calloway (having been pretending to be Amanda Lemmon) steps on Clarice Kensington's wedding dress (as she is storming out of the church, embarrassed). Clarice Kensington, the main antagonist of It Takes Two, shares several similarities with Coco, including being a child-hater and a gold-digger.
  • Her characterization is similar to Cruella de Vil from Disney's 1961 animated movie, 101 Dalmatians.
  • Coco's last name comes from "la bouche", meaning "the mouth" in French.