Club Fred Gallery Transcript
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(The episode starts with a leaf falling down to the picnic table)

(Betty walks up to the table)

(Camera pans right to Chaz, who is making the salad)

(The wind blows it away)

Drew: Do you think it's too late in the season for this, bro?

Stu: Come on. Scared of a little wind? (He laughed)

(Howard just dropped a bun to the bottom of the picnic table)

(Phil grabs the bun)

(Cut to the babies)

Tommy: I like making barbecues. Especially when  you play in your food.

Lil: Pass the potato bug salad, Chuckie.

Chuckie: Coming right up. We're not going to eat you.

Phil: I am. Mmm. Delicious.

(Angelica takes the bug burger from Phil, she screamed in terror)

(The babies laughed)

Lulu: They have a club somewhere across the Caribbean.

Miriam: And not just the Caribbean. Club Fred!

Betty: Club Fred? Hey, I heard of that place. Traded very fancy.

Stu: You mean traded very expensive.

Lou: And look what it cost. It's 100% free.

Stu: It's not free. It's says 2 for 1 coupons.

Drew: One senior will each pay with adult admission.

Miriam: It's the best of them all.

Lulu: You said it, sister. It'll be a swell vacation.

Stu: Vacation from what? You're all retired.

Miriam: They said it's Club Fred. So they allow elders.

Tommy: You hear that, guys? We're going on vacation!

Didi: Club Fred? That sounds like fun.

(The chef hat is blown from Stu's head)

Stu: Aw, What the hey?

Betty: You hear that, pups? We're going on vacation. THAT MEANS FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

(Cut to a plane flying to the mentioned location)

[At Club Fred, they are dropped off to the entrance]

Kira: (admiring) Oh, so beautiful!

(The others walk in)

Angelica: What's this vacation gonna be like, Mommy?

Charlotte: It's a club full of people and have helpers to get us whatever we want.

(She gives the luggage to one of them)

(They walk with the others)

[At the entrance]


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