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*[[Wikipedia:Haggis|Haggis]] is actually made from [[Wikipedia:Scottish cuisine|sheep guts]].
*[[Wikipedia:Haggis|Haggis]] is actually made from [[Wikipedia:Scottish cuisine|sheep guts]].
* We see that Phil and Lil have beds now instead of cribs like they had in "[[The Unfair Pair]]".
* We see that Phil and Lil have beds now instead of cribs like they had in "[[The Unfair Pair]]".
* A man strongly resembling physicist Albert Einstein appears dancing the hora.
[[Category:Season 4]]
[[Category:Season 4]]

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Season 4 Episode 10b
Clan of The Duck
Clan of the Duck
Original Airdate October 4, 1997
DVD release Season 4
Previous Episode Faire Play
Next Episode Potty-Training Spike

 Clan of the Duck is a season 4 episode of Rugrats.



The babies are outside making mud castles. They are complaining about the heat. Betty and Didi come outside, talking about the big food fair. Tommy, Phil, and Chuckie notices that Betty is wearing shorts. They are curious about that. Lil tells them that boys wear shorts, and that girls wear dresses. Didi takes Tommy and Betty takes Lil to get them ready for the fair. Howard promises to drive Chuckie and Phil to the park. Chuckie and Phil decide to wear dresses, to see what it's like. They find out it's kind of fun. Dresses make it cooler, they can make great parachutes, you can roll around in them. Chuckie figures that he can just go to the toilet easier with a dress. Phil gets tired and decides to take a nap. Chuckie sees him and thinks that dresses also make good pajamas. Howard wakes up and realizes he is late for the fair. He gets in his car and drives off, before realizing he forgot Chuckie and Phil. He gets them and takes off for the park. At the park, a boy named Joey greets Chuckie and Phil. He tells them that they are at the food fair. He offers them some gummy worms when Chuckie says he is hungry. He goes to his lunchbox. A boy named Frankie sees Chuckie and offers him some chocolate. Joey tells Frankie that he saw her (Chuckie) first. Chuckies is about to say he's not a girl, but Phil asks how much chocolate. Frankie hears Chuckie call Phil by his name, but phil says his name is "Philian" and Chuckie is "Chuquita". Chuckie asks if he can have a worm. Joey gives him one and he enjoys it. Joey tells Frankie to go away, but Frankie says that he could have Phil. Joey doesn't want to share and the boys start a tug-of-war over Chuckie. They release Chuckie, but he exposes his blue underwear. Frankie laughs at the fact that Joey thought Chuckie was a girl, but Frankie also thought he and Phil were girls. They decide to get them, stating that boys aren't suppose to wear dresses. Chuckie and Phil start running. They stumble upon a sumo match. Chuckie asks that if adults can wear diapers and girls can wear shorts, then why they can't wear dresses. Phil thinks it's because those 2 boys will pound them. They split up. Chuckie accidently walks into a Jewish dance area. He and Phil run into each other, and the 2 boys find them. They ride down a big slide and into another foreign area. Phil asks where they are, but Chuckie justs thinks everyone is naked. A boy tells them they are not naked, they are Scotch-babies. The boy thinks that the dresses Chuckie and Phil are wearing are kilts. He also thinks they are the "Clan of the Duck" (their dresses have ducks on them). The boys arrive, and Chuckie claims that they're going to be mean to them. The babies defend them by lifting their kilts, exposing their undergarments. Chuckie and Phil do the same, and the boys leave. Didi, Betty, and Howard arrive and see something weird. Howard thought something wasn't right. Tommy walks by wearing a shirt like it's a dress. Didi decides to let him join. Tommy thanks the Scotch-babies for helping Phil and Chuckie. Lil thanks them for the haggis and asks what it is. They says it's sheep guts. The four friends leave and the Scotch-babies give them one more cheer for the clan of the ducks. They cheer them by lifting all their kilts up.


  • It's revealed that Betty and Lil are taking a mother/daughter-women's empowerment class.
  • In Scotland, while it isn't unheard for women to wear kilts, it's more common for men to wear kilts.
    • Also, kilts are traditionally only worn for special occasions (like weddings), and it's unusual to see them worn as everyday street clothes.
  • Haggis is actually made from sheep guts.
  • We see that Phil and Lil have beds now instead of cribs like they had in "The Unfair Pair".
  • A man strongly resembling physicist Albert Einstein appears dancing the hora.
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