Chuckie Loses His Glasses Gallery Transcript
(The episode opens with storm clouds filling the sky. As thunder crashes, a single drop of rain falls from the clouds to the ground, and then it begins to pour. We see Angelica jumping in the rain as she and Drew are heading to Tommy's house)

Angelica: Ah ah ah ah ah. 

(Camera shifts back to where Tommy and Chuckie are watching Angelica from the window.)

Chuckie: Hey, Tommy, you don't think Angelica's still mad about the crayons, do ya?

Tommy: Na, she probably forgotted all about it. And besides, you only ate 2 of 'em.

(The door buzzer rings, and Stu answers.)

Stu: Hey there bro', come on in. How's my favorite little niece?

Angelica: I'm fine, thank you for asking.

Stu: Bet you're looking forward to playing with your little friends, huh?

Angelica: Of course, Uncle Stu; I love playing with the babies.[Pats Chuckie on the head].

Stu: What a great little girl.

Drew: Isn't she? O.K., Cupcake; Daddy and Uncle Stu have something very important to watch on T.V., so you be good girl and play nicely.

Angelica: [With fingers crossed] Of course, Daddy.

Stu: Boy it's raining cats and dogs out there.

Phil: Did you hear that?

Lil: It's raining cats and dogs!

(Rugrats run up to the window and look out).

Tommy: I don't see any cats or dogs; just water.

Angelica: It's just a 'spression, you dummies! First I get stuck with you babies all afternoon, and now I have to stay inside because of this stupid rain!

Chuckie: Maybe we should find a nice game to play inside.

Angelica: Like what? You wanna eat the rest of my crayons!?

(Chuckie hides behind Tommy)

Lil: How about "Hide and Go Peek"?

Chuckie: That game's too scary. You have to be all by yourself when everybody hides.

Angelica: Yeah, it's a stupid ga.....[has an idea] wait a minute; scary huh? Yes I think "Hide and Go Seek" is exactly the right game, and I'll figure out whose going to be the first "it".....[Yelling] Now up against the wall!

(The babies back up against the wall).

Angelica: [Pointing to Chuckie, then Tommy, Phil and then Lil] Eenie meenie miney mo. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go. Eeny meeny miney mo [ends pointing at Phil].... And my mother says to pick the very best one and you are not, not, not, "it"

[Points at Chuckie].

Chuckie: Huh!!

Angelica: Well whatta you know! You're it, Chuckie!

Chuckie: I don't wanna be it! [hides behind the curtains]

Lil: It was your idea to play this game.

Chuckie: O.K. I'm counting...[covers his eyes].

Angelica: Wait a minute, you could still see us. Take off your eyes and turn around.

Chuckie: My eyes? But I can't take 'em off.

Angelica: Then you don't get to play with us.

Tommy: C'mon, Chuckie; it's just your extra eyes.

Chuckie: Okay, Okay, but only while I'm counting 'cause I don't like doing it.

(Chuckie puts his glasses on the window sill and starts counting)

Chuckie: 1, 2, 3, 4, umm, 7, 6, 8, 2, 3 , 6, 8, 7, 3, 5, 10

(While counting, The babies have hidden themselves: Tommy behind a plant, Phil & Lil beneath the couch. Angelica walks up to Chuckie and takes his glasses. Chuckie Then reaches for his glasses that are no longer there.)

Angelica: He, he, he, he, he, he, he ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Chuckie: My, my, my, oh.

(Chuckie falls over When he gets up we see the world through his eyes. Chuckie looks at the playpen which turns into a giant set of teeth).

Chuckie: Huh, huh [Runs out of the playpen]....Okay, I didn't see that.[Looks at the plant which becomes a monster] Helllllp! Where are you Tommy? Phil, Lil, Angelica, come out here, I need help!

Lil: Hey, Phil, it sounds like Chuckie's in trouble. Maybe we should help him?

Phil: No, Lil, Chuckie's trying to trick us.

Chuckie: Phil, Lil, is that you?

Phil: Shhh.

Chuckie: Oohh [Falls onto a foot-rest on wheels which rolls and hits the wall. Then looks at the plant and it turns into another monster.] Aaah! Somebody help me! I can't see! Well, I can see a little.[Looks at the couch which turns into a "scary" clown, Falls backwards over a bone.]. I want my eyes! (Spike gets up and starts running towards Chuckie, who sees him as another monster.)

Chuckie: Help! It's a monster! Get it away from me! Hey, it's you, Spike! Boy, am I glad to see you. I mean, I wish I could see you. [Jumps onto Spike backwards and grabs his tail ]. Spike, find Tommy. [Spike runs off with Chuckie riding backwards]. Ow aia ai ow ai ai. Err, Spike, are you sure this is the right way? [Spike sniffs the stairs, Chuckie thinks he sees Tommy]. Tommy? [Chuckie picks up the teddy bear on the stairs, realises it's not Tommy and drops it back down].

Tommy: Hey, you guys.

Phil & Lil: Shhh, he'll hear us.

Tommy: Listen, Chuckie's been gone a really long time, maybe we should go find him?

Phil: But this is "Hide and Go Peek"; he's supposed to find us.

Lil: Yeah, or else we're the peekers.

Tommy: But, guys, he may be in trouble.

Lil: Hey, where's Angelica?

Tommy: Mmm, She's probably still hiding.

Phil: Aww, were gonna have to find her too?

Tommy: Na, let her find herself. C'mon.

(Phil and Lil follow Tommy, Spike takes Chuckie into the kitchen.)

Angelica: [Holding up a bone] Spike.

(Spike sees the bone and Angelica throws it outside, Spikes runs after the bone out into the rain with Chuckie still on his back.)

Chuckie: Ow eh whow eh oh. [Slips off Spikes back and is holding onto Spikes tail]. Ow! Slow down Spike.

Angelica: Wa , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..........[mimics Chuckie] Slow down Spike. Ha, ha to bad you don't have these [Holds Chuckie glasses up to her face, then puts them on]. Woah woooow whooa...... Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

(Tommy, Phil and Lil are now looking for Chuckie.)

Phil: Chuckie! [Looks under the rolling foot-rest ]

Lil: Chuckie! [Looks in the cupboard]

Tommy: Chuckie! [Swinging on his clown lamp, turns it on and then slides off].

(Angelica enters holding Chuckie's glasses)

Angelica: It's horrible! Just horrible!

Phil: Chuckie's eyes!

Angelica: This is all thats left of our very bestest friend in the whole wide world, Charles Crandall Finster!

Lil: Who?

Angelica: Chuckie!

Lil: Oh.

Tommy: Did you see him?

Angelica: No. Told ya. He's dead, gone for good.

Lil: Huh?

(Angelica just laughs and puts Chuckie's glasses on.)

Phil: Does that mean we're never going to see Chuckie again?

Lil: Oh no!

Phil: Whats gonna happen to all his toys?

Lil: I wonder if I could have em.

Phil: I thought of it first.

Lil: Did not!

Phil: Did too!

Lil: Did not!

Tommy: Hey, guys! [Pushes Phil & Lil over] He can't just disappear! We gotta keep lookin'!

(Angelica walks in and falls over a plant.)

Angelica: Ow ohh ow. Here; you babies can have these. [Gives Tommy the glasses] Ehh ehh ehh.

(Outside with Chuckie and Spike.)

Chuckie: Spike, it's raining. Hey, we're outside, aren't we, Spike? We're not supposed to be outside. Spike, I don't think you're trying very hard to find Tommy. If you're not gonna help me, I'm just gonna have to go and find him myself. 

[Chuckie walks toward the house but gets flipped over by the swing.]

Chuckie: Tommy, Phil, Lil, there you are. You guys won't believe what happened. [Talking to three plants] Remember when I took off my eyes to count to ten? Well, I couldn't see and then things got scary of course, and there were monsters.........

(Inside the house.)

Lil: But, Tommy, all we have are his eyes. How are we ever gonna find him?

Phil: Yeah, Tommy. I didn't think hide and go peek was this hard.

Tommy: Wait a minute! We got Chuckie's eyes, right?

Phil & Lil: Yeah.

Tommy: Well, maybe if we wear Chuckie's eyes, we'll be able to see the rest of him too.[ Puts the glasses on and sees all the scary things Chuckie saw without his glasses]. Wow, this must be what Chuckie sees; no wonder he's so scared.

(Outside, Chuckie is still talking to the bushes and tree.)

Chuckie: So then I bumped right into a soft thing with four legs and guess who it was? Spike! Yeah; isn't that great? Tommy? Phil? Lil? Don't you think that's great? [Feels one of the bushes and pulls off some leaves] Tommy; I think you need a new diaper. [Looks closer and sees it's a bush] Waaa! You're not Tommy! It's no use. I'll never find anyone without my eyes. [Swings on his stomach on the swing]. 

(Inside, Tommy is walking around with Chuckie's glasses on.)

Phil & Lil: Do you see him yet?

Tommy: I think so. [Points to a bag on the counter that resembles Chuckie]

Phil: I don't see him.

Lil: Of course not. You don't have the right eyes.

Tommy: Hey, Chuckie! Come down! It's us!

(Tommy grabs "Chuckie" and attemps to lift him to the ground.)

Phil: Tommy, uh, that's a bag of regables.

Tommy: It is? [the bag spills on Tommy]


Chuckie: I gotta find my eyes! I gotta find my eyes! [Steps on something with the sound of glass crunching]. Oh... Oh no! My eyes! [Picks up a pair of broken eyeglasses]. Now I'm never gonna see again! [Starts crying].


Tommy: Huh, what's that?

Phil: Sounds like someone crying.

Lil: Sounds like Chuckie crying.

Tommy: C'mon!

(They run outside.)

Tommy: Chuckie.

Chuckie: Tommy! Tommy!

Tommy: Chuckie!

(Tommy and Chuckie run towards each other... and straight past each other because they can't see properly.)

Phil: Chuckie! We thought you were lost forever!

Lil: Yeah! Put these on.

Chuckie: My eyes! I can see!

Tommy: Me too!

Chuckie: I thought they were broked. I stepped on them and made them go crunch.

Tommy: How do you see with those eyes anyway? When I putted them on I thought you were a bag Chuckie... Of vegables.

Chuckie: I thought you were a bush.

Tommy: Those eyes made me feel real dizzy, like when you spin around in circles.

Phil & Lil: Like this? [They spin around, laughing].

Tommy: Yeah. They make you feel kinda like throwing up.

Lil: Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I wonder why they didn't make Angelica sick.

(Angelica enters holding her stomach, moaning and groaning nauseously. Drew notices...)

Angelica: Oh! Owwww!

Drew: Honey, you look a little sick. [Angelica pukes on Drew in a very graphic manner] Oh, NO! All over my new sweater! Oh, come on; let's clean this up. [carries Angelica into the other room]

Tommy: Hey, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Yeah?

Tommy: If Angelica had your eyes on the whole time, then what were these eyes you stepped and broke?

(Grandpa Lou stumbles around, unable to see a thing...)

Grandpa Lou: Darn ow o... now where in tarnation did I put my specs? [Walks up to the clown lamp] Oh, Didi, have you seen my glasses?

(All the Rugrats laugh as the episode ends)

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