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Chuckie Loses His Glasses Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 16a
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Chuckie Loses His Glasses
Original Airdate December 20, 1992
DVD release Season 2
Complete Series
Previous Episode The Case of the Missing Rugrat
Next Episode Chuckie Gets Skunked

"Chuckie Loses His Glasses" is the first segment of the sixteenth episode of season 2, and the fifty-fifth Rugrats segment overall.

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In a game of "Hide & Go Peek", Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses, and poor Chuckie has to frantically search for them, blindly, in the rain.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


It's a rainy day, and while Tommy, Chuckie and twins are in the playpen, Drew brings Angelica over. Angelica's still mad at Chuckie for eating her crayons, even though Chuckie only ate two of them. When Stu and Drew go to watch TV together, Angelica comes up with the idea to play hide-and-seek, she makes Chuckie be "it" first. With revenge in mind, she makes Chuckie take off his glasses, and while he's counting, she takes them! When Chuckie finishes counting, he gets freaked out when he notices his glasses are gone, and frantically searches for them, and even gets Spike to help him.

While she's got Chuckie's glasses, Angelica puts them on and becomes greatly amused by how blurry and distorted everything looks. When Chuckie's been gone for longer than he should be, Tommy and the twins decide to look for him. While they're looking for Chuckie, Angelica soon starts feeling sick and dizzy from wearing Chuckie's glasses, and gives them to her cousin and the twins. Tommy comes up with the idea of using Chuckie's glasses to try and find Chuckie himself, but like with Angelica, when Tommy puts on Chuckie's glasses, he just sees what Chuckie sees without his glasses. After a while, they hear Chuckie crying outside, because he thought he broke his glasses by stepping on them. Tommy and the twins go outside by Chuckie, and Lil gives Chuckie his glasses--Chuckie's ecstatic at being able to see properly again.

Chuckie and his friends go back inside, and Tommy questions how Chuckie's even able to see with his glasses, because when Tommy and Angelica wore them, the glasses just showed everything they saw as blurry and distorted and also made them feel really dizzy. The twins start spinning around, and while they're doing that, Tommy adds that the glasses also make you feel like vomiting. The twins drop the floor after getting too dizzy, and Lil says that they know what Tommy means by that--she also questions why the glasses didn't seem to make Angelica sick. Just then, Angelica walks into the kitchen, indeed looking very green and sick. Her dad walks in and sees her, and asks, "Honey, You look a little sick"--just before Angelica vomits all over her dad's new sweater vest. Drew picks up his daughter to take away so they can both get cleaned up.

After Tommy's uncle and cousin leave, he wonders whose glasses Chuckie accidentally broke outside if Angelica had Chuckie's glasses the entire time. Tommy and the others get their answer when Lou walks into the living room looking for his lost glasses, and the kids laugh as Lou mistakes Tommy's clown lamp, Mr. Fluffles, for Didi.


  • Stu, Drew and Lou were the only adults seen in the episode--although Didi was mentioned by Lou.
  • Chuckie's full name is revealed by Angelica to be "Charles Crandall Finster."
  • Tommy's lamp appears in this episode, though it was broken by Angelica in "The Trial". It can be assumed that Didi bought a new one from the toy store Betty told her about in that episode.
  • This episode was made into the Chuckie's Glasses level for the Rugrats: Search for Reptar video game, where Angelica barfs on Stu instead of Drew in the end.
  • It is unknown why Chuckie didn't cry for help. It was an option, and he could have cried to one of the adults. There is a possibility that since Chuckie had no idea where he was, he just guessed the adults weren't near him.
  • This is the first time Angelica barfs on her dad. The second time she does this is in Ransom of Cynthia, however this time it is off-screen.
  • Lil says that playing "hide and go peek" was Chuckie's idea, when in reality, it was hers.
    • Although she was possibly referring to his idea of playing inside in general.
  • Karma: Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses and wears them for a spin; she ends up getting herself so sick that she throws up all over Drew's sweater.
  • Moral: No matter the circumstances; Bragging is not always good; it will come back and bite you.

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