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Chuckie Grows Gallery Transcript

Angelica: [Points towards the open door of the house] That's it, you babies! You're in even bigger trouble now! Pour ice on me, will ya? Well, I'm gonna--!
Lou: What in tarnation is going on out--? (gasps) MY SQUASH!
Angelica: (looks down at her legs) Uh-oh.
[Angelica's legs are covered in squash; Stu and Drew coming running out towards Lou]
Stu: Pop, what happened?
[Lou walks sadly back into the house; Stu follows him; Drew stays outside]
Lou: Well, looks like I'm never gonna get another trophy.
[Close-up of Lou's trophy; Drew looks at Lou's destroyed squash and turns to see Angelica desperately cleaning her legs]
[Tommy, Phil and Lil fall backwards after helping Chuckie to his feet; Angelica chuckles nervously, smiles and waves at Drew]
Lou: Yep, sad thing when a man's glory days are behind. [Points towards the open door of the house]. Wait just a gourd pickin' second! There might be a way to recycle that squash into something even better! [Close-up of the magazine Lou notices; the cover reads, "Supplement Rhubarb: The Forgotten Pie."]
Drew: [Walks up to Angelica and puts his hands on his hips; Angelica looks up at him in fear] I assume you had something to do with this, young lady!
Angelica: But, Daddy, it wasn't my fault! The babies made me do it!
Drew: Oh. And I suppose you're gonna tell me the babies made you do this too?! (removes the photo from behind his back and holds it in Angelica's face; Stu and Didi's faces have been cut out of the photo; Angelica smiles nervously)
Drew: There'll be no more cappuccino for Cynthia unless you march right in there and find a way to make this up to your grandfather!
Angelica: Yes, Daddy.
[Angelica hangs her head in shame as Drew leads her into the house]

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