Chuckie Grows Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 7b
Rugrats - Chuckie Grows
Chuckie Grows
Original Airdate August 15, 1998
DVD release Season 5
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Chuckie Grows in a Season 5 episode of Rugrats.

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When Grandpa Lou accidentally shrinks Chuckie's clothes in the wash, Chuckie thinks he has grown bigger. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Chuckie and the DeVille twins are hanging out at Tommy's house and are helping him reach a carrot-shaped trophy from on top of the shelf in Tommy's living room (they assume it's a toy of some kind), but are having trouble since they're so little. Chuckie suggests that they should just wait until they're older and bigger to reach for the trophy, so that way they won't have to stand on top of each other to be able to reach for things. But Tommy points out that if they do that, the trophy might not be up there anymore.

Just then, Stu and Lou come into the living room, with Stu carrying a bunch of newspaper's that he got from Lou's room--Lou explains that he's been collecting the gardening section from the newspaper for the last year to be able to grow giant vegetables, and that he's growing a giant crook-neck squash. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil hear this, and get the idea to try and make one of them bigger the same way Lou's making his squash big--they decide to make Chuckie bigger since he's already the biggest out of the four of them. Tommy decides that once Chuckie's bigger than the pile of newspapers in front of the shelf that the trophy's on, they should be able to reach the trophy. Tommy and the twins then do the same stuff that Lou's doing to his squash to Chuckie to try and make him a bigger.

While this is happening, Angelica and her dad come over and ask Stu to repair one of Angelica's toys while Angelica goes to hang out with her cousin and his friends. When they explain to Angelica what they're doing, Angelica says that Chuckie's always going to stay small (which, of course, isn't true). Just then, Lou notices how dirty Chuckie is and puts him into some clean clothes and puts his dirty clothes through the washer and dryer--Lou puts too much soap into the washer, which overflows in the laundry room, and then puts the dryer on extra hot, which ends up making Chuckie's shirt and shorts too small to properly fit him.

When Tommy and the twins see that Chuckie's clothes are too small, they assume that they made Chuckie bigger, and they go into the living and see that Chuckie's now taller than the pile of newspaper (Lou had taken some to soak up the soap and water in the laundry room), and Chuckie's able to reach the trophy (it was moved closer to the edge by Stu and Lou). They try playing with the trophy, but are disappointed when they see it doesn't do anything. Just then, Angelica and comes into the living room and claims that Chuckie now has "giantitus," which she claims means that Chuckie will soon grow too big to fit into his house, clothes, shoes, car and pretty much everything else.

Tommy and the twins then take it upon themselves to make Chuckie smaller, while Chuckie decides to stay in the living room so he doesn't step on anything. While this is happening, Angelica gets the idea to prank Chuckie into thinking that he squished her by cutting out a picture of her face and gluing it onto her Cynthia-doll. When Chuckie goes to Tommy and the twins and says that he accidentially squished Angelica, they then work harder to find a way to make Chuckie smaller. Tommy gets the idea to get a big bucket of ice to try to make Chuckie smaller, and explains to Phil and Lil that one time, when he hurt his leg and got a big swelling on it, Didi had put ice on it to make the swelling go down, and figures that it should work on Chuckie. While this is happening, Angelica gets the idea to make Chuckie think that he squished all the adults, but after she glues pictures of the adults faces onto various dolls and stuffed animals to put around Chuckie while he doesn't notice, and Tommy and the twins go to put the bucket of ice on Chuckie, Stu and Drew walk into the living room with Angelica's now fixed toy, they see all the cut-up pictures, and Drew yells for the kids.

Drew's exclamation startles Tommy and the twins, which causes to accidentally drop the ice bucket, which falls onto Angelica's head, which makes her freak out, accidentally knock Chuckie into a puddle, and run and (accidentally) destroy Lou's giant squash while trying to get the ice off of her. Assuming that the babies did it on purpose, she trots menacingly towards them, but when Lou and his sons come outside to see what all the commotion is, they notice Lou's destroyed squash. Angelica then realizes what happened, and starts wiping off her legs. Drew sees what his daughter's doing and realizes that she was the one who cut-up all the pictures, and when he confronts her about it, he makes her apologize to Lou and have her do something to make it up to him.

Meanwhile, when Chuckie and his friends walk back into the living room, they see that Chuckie's now shorter than the pile of newspaper (more was added to it), which makes them think that they made Chuckie smaller again. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Lou's making a casserole from the remnants of his destroyed squash and making Angelica taste test it--Lou's decides to try and win a cooking competition with various recipes made from squash.

The very end of the episode shows that Lou's now won a pie-shaped trophy from some kind of cooking competition, and the kids once again assume that it's a toy of some kind, and try coming up with ideas on how to reach for it.


  • Grandpa won a trophy in 1951 for the "Best Edible Root"