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Chuckie Gets Skunked Gallery Transcript

Chuckie: Uh-oh, (Chuckie screams with dizzle sound)

Didi: Tommy! Chuckie! What are they doing at

Stu: (Sniffles) Pee-yew!

Chas: Uh oh!

Lou: Well, look at it, good as new.

Stu: Well, pop. This time like- (Stu coughs with smelly skunk odor with Didi, Chas, & Lou)

Chas: He's still skunked.

Lou: I don't understand it, I'm gonna have a word with those Shakers!

Stu: I got an idea!

(Stu wants to get all the perfume: Red, Sunflowers, Wings, White Shoulders, Barbie, Eternity, Escada Acte 2, Vanderbilt, Chloe Narcisse, Champs-Elysses, Passion, Imari, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, and Navy)

Stu: (sniffs bottle) Ooh, this once potent.

Chas: I don't know Stu

Stu: (sniffs Chuckie then coughs) Doesn't smell like a skunk for sure.

Didi: Oh, Stu, that was mom and dad, they're bringing over a pot of borsch for dinner.

Lou: Borsch, huh? I sure love that cold beet soup.

Didi: Stu! What have you done? This is my Eau de Joie perfume, $150 an ounce

Stu: (stammers) Well it worked!

Chas: No it didn't, now he just smells like a skunk who is getting ready for a hot date.

Stu: (holds his nose) Won't anything work on this kid?!

Stu: Glad that's over.

Chas: Uh-oh.

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