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Season 2 Episode 16b
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Chuckie Gets Skunked
Original Airdate December 20, 1992
DVD release Season 2
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"Chuckie Gets Skunked" is the second segment of the sixteenth episode of season 2, and the fifty-sixth Rugrats segment overall.

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When a skunk sprays his nasty odor all over Chuckie, the adults are up in arms at trying to get rid of the smell. Can the Rugrats find a way to help him?

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Chas Finster and Lou and Stu Pickles are out in the Pickles backyard late one night, trying to flush out a skunk that's been living in the yard---but the three men end up running away from the skunk when they actually find it. Tommy and Chuckie were watching their dads (and Tommy's grandpa) while they were looking for the skunk, and they end up seeing it, but they don't known what it is and Tommy initially thinks it's a cat. When Lou, Stu and Chas come into the house and tell Didi about what happened, Didi doesn't get why they're so intent on catching the skunk, saying, "It's got as much of right to live here as we do." Lou insists that the skunk's "a menace." Tommy and Chuckie were listening to the adults, and they realize what a skunk really is. They go outside to try and look for the skunk so they can play with it, but Chuckie ends up getting sprayed by it.

The next day, Tommy's telling Phil and Lil about what happened to Chuckie. Just then, Chas and Chuckie come by and Didi tells Chas to put Chuckie on the living room couch. While the adults go to the kitchen, Tommy and the twins come up to Chuckie, but Tommy's repulsed by Chuckie's skunk smell---although the twins seem to like it. Chuckie sadly tells his friends that because of the skunk smell, nobody, not even himself, wants to be around him, and he doesn't know if he'll ever get "un-skunked." Meanwhile, Stu, Didi and Lou are suggesting various ways to help Chuckie get rid of his skunk smell like tomato juice, tomato paste, and good a scrubbing with soap and water but Chas said none of them worked (the tomato juice stained the tub, the tomato paste clogged up the drain, and he scrubbed Chuckie with soap and water six times, but then Chuckie's skin started to come off) and it didn't make the smell go away AT ALL.

Lou suggests a method: dig a hole in the backyard and fill it with water to make mud, and use a mud-bath to help Chuckie get rid of the skunk-smell. After getting Chuckie covered in mud, the mud hardens and breaks, but the smell is still there. Stu comes up with another idea: he douses Chuckie with some of Didi's expensive perfumes, but it doesn't really get rid of the smell (as Chas describes it, "Now he just smells like a skunk getting ready for a hot date").

Didi's parents, Boris and Minka, later come over with a pot of Russian borscht for dinner and they notice Chuckie's skunk smell. Didi and the other adults explain what happened, and Minka says there's an old Russian remedy that can help Chuckie get rid of his skunk smell. While the adults leave the kitchen, Tommy sees the borscht his Grandma Minka made, and suggests that Chuckie get in the borscht to get rid of his skunk smell. Chuckie's a little reluctant, but ultimately goes into the pot of soup, he and the others start playing in it just as Didi and her mom come back into the kitchen and see what the kids are doing.

As the adults get the kids out of the borscht, Chas notices that Chuckie doesn't smell like a skunk, realizing that the borscht is what finally got rid of Chuckie's skunk smell. Stu and Chas decide to go get some pizzas for dinner and Lou and Boris go clean up the kids---but before doing so, Lou tries a spoonful of Minka's borscht and thinks that it actually tastes better.

Outside, Stu and Chas are glad to have finally gotten rid of Chuckie's skunk smell---but then they run into the skunk that had sprayed Chuckie at the beginning of the episode. Chas goes "Uh oh," and then he and Stu both scream---presumably because the skunk sprayed them!


  • One of the perfumes that Stu used to try and get rid of Chuckie's skunk smell was called Eau de Joie (presumably some kind of French perfume). According to Didi, that particular perfume costs $150-per-fluid ounce.
    • Since a standard-sized perfume bottle only carries around 100-milleters (roughly 3.4-fluid ounces), that means one bottle of Eau de Joie is more than $500.
  • Didi reveals that Boris came from a very well-to-do family back in Russia.
  • This episode is the first time Didi called Charles Sr. Chas.
  • When Didi told Stu and Chas that her parents were bringing over a pot of borscht for dinner, Lou said "I just love that cold beet soup", revealing that he likes borscht.
  • Tomato Juice and Laundry Detergant are just two deodorizing remedies recommended for people or animals that get sprayed by skunks.
  • In the episode "The Mega Diaper Babies", Chuckie’s superhero alter ego is a skunk named “Captain Stinky.”
  • Morals:
    • If you notice a wild animal in your yard; stay away from it or stay inside until the animal leaves or call animal control. Some wild animals like chipmunks, raccoons, and squirrels can bite, and some could even have rabies. Rabies is transmitted by being bitten by a rabid animal, and it can even be transmitted to humans.
    • If you ever get skunked, use borscht which is red beet soup or tomato juice or (hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soup) to take away the skunk smell. Hydrogen peroxide is also known as dihydrogen dioxide.

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