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Chuckie Collects Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 18b
Chuckie Collects Title Card
Chuckie Collects
Original Airdate May 1, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Wrestling Grandpa
Next Episode Runaway Reptar

"Chuckie Collects" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


When Chuckie's dad shows Stu his collection of asthma inhalers, it inspiries Chuckie to start collecting rocks. When he makes a display for them and begins to obsess over it, the others help him in trading and adding new rocks to his collection. But none of the rocks are as special as his first one; a moon shaped rock that reminds him of his dad. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Intrigued by Chas's unusual collection of odd asthma inhalers, Chuckie starts a rock collection, with the Rugrats adding on to it. His most-prized possession in that collection is his first rock, which is moon-shaped and reminds him of his father. The Rugrats follow suit and start collecting other items. However, collecting rocks isn't as easy as you may think.


  • This is the last episode to use the 1991 Klasky Csupo logo.
  • Opening day festivities at the Asthma Inhalers Convention include a tribute to nostril hair.
  • This is the second time where Reptar Wagon had roll call voice since The Rugrats Movie.
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