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Chuckie's in Love Gallery Transcript

"Chuckie's in Love" is a Season 1 episode of All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 6
Chuckie's In Love Title Card.jpg
Chuckie's in Love
Original Airdate December 6, 2003
VHS release All Grown Up... And Loving It!
DVD release All Grown Up... And Loving It!
Previous Episode Truth or Consequences
Next Episode Thief Encounter

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Chuckie tries to get Nicole, a girl he has a crush on, to notice him, but it's like to her, he doesn't exist. So with Kimi and Lil's help, Chuckie disguises himself as a foreign student named Chongo, so then Nicole sees him. But when she finally sees Chuckie at the Java Lava, he must have help to keep her distracted so she doesn't know about his alias. Meanwhile, Angelica takes on Pepe, the school lunchroom cook by reporting in the school paper that his food is just weird.


  • When Angelica is typing in the cafeteria and Ms. O'Keats interrupts her, look carefully at the latter's nose. Just after Angelica says, "I'm typing here," the bottom of it disappears.
  • In the scene where Chuckie's making Nicole a smoothie, he takes the top of the blender off, but in the next shot, it somehow is back on the blender.
  • When Phil comes out of the bathroom at Java Lava, notice that Nicole's hair is black instead of brown.
  • While Chuckie and Kimi are walking down the hall, notice Kimi's mouth open, but she doesn't say anything. Later, she says "Oh, really?," but her mouth isn't moving.
  • When Angelica is inspecting the mac and cheese it is, of course, yellow. In the next scene, you see her standing in front of a row of brown food.
  • Tommy says "If that's what being eleven is all about, I'm clinging to ten until I'm forty." But the show takes place ten years after Rugrats; Wouldn't Tommy be eleven, and Chuckie twelve?
  • After Chuckie accidentally falls at the PCs, Nicole's lipstick disappears for that one scene.


  • There really is a nation called Latvia. It's a Baltic nation that borders Russia.
  • When Nicole enters the Java Lava, Chuckie says, "Welcome to the Lava Java."
    • As reply to the "Lava Java" mistake, Chuckie was nervous because it was Nicole he was talking to.
  • Supposedly, Chuckie doesn't know how to lie. However, he lies in this episode.
    • Although he supposedly lost his touch for it after this episode's events.
  • Ending Tagline: "Whoa, incoming!" - Betty
  • After "Chongo" tells Nicole about his adventure on a ship, her necklace charm is backwards.
  • Originally Klasky Csupo had Chongo's name as Jongo, it is unknown why this was changed.
  • It is revealed that Chas cries when he cuts pineapples.
  • It is also revealed that Howard wore fake muscles on his and Betty's first date.
  • This episode can be watched on the Game Boy Advance, as it is included in Nicktoons Collection: Volume 1.