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Chuckie's a Lefty Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 5b
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Chuckie's a Lefty
Original Airdate February 19, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
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"Chuckie's a Lefty" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica realizes Chuckie is left-handed when she sees him coloring, and decides to put him in her "Weird Stuff Show" as "Chuckie The Left-Handed Boy". Can the rest of the Rugrats convince him that being left-handed doesn't make him a freak? - Description from Klasky Csupo


All the adults are over at Stu and Didi's house having a little pot luck-picnic party. The kids, with the exception Dil, are under the table, eating food they got from the top of the table. Drew and Charlotte are telling the adults about their vacation while Angelica tells the other kids, and it turns out that one of the places they went to was a place called "The Museum of the Strange and Unusual," which Stu had recommended to them---Drew and Angelica liked it, but Charlotte obviously didn't.

Angelica becomes inspired to start her own "weird stuff show," and decides to do it and charges "one cookie per person" to see her show. Meanwhile, Tommy, Chuckie and the twins are drawing at a little table. Chuckie unknowingly bumps Tommy's right arm twice with his left while doing so, but Tommy doesn't mind. Tommy later notices that Chuckie is coloring with his left hand, with Chuckie saying that it colors better than his right hand. When Didi sees what Chuckie's drawing, she notices that he's using his left hand instead of his right hand. Chas is a little worried, and Charlotte claims it's a bad thing that Chuckie's left-handed, but Didi tries assuring that it's no big deal that Chuckie's left-handed, even admitting that she thinks it's kind of cool that Chuckie's left-handed, noting how only about 10% of the population is.

When Didi suggests looking to Dr. Lipschitz for advice, Chas decides to go to a new Lipschitz-kiosk at the mall to get advice. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are curious as to why Chuckie's dad left, and Chuckie thinks it's because he was using his "wrong hand" (left hand) instead of his "right hand." Meanwhile, Angelica's trying but failing to get people to come to her "weird stuff show"---her first attempt being a "two-headed doll" (just Cynthia with the head of a leprechaun doll glued to her) and her second attempt being her cousin, Dil, as the "ickiest baby" in the world (Dil has a cold this episode and was drooling a lot and had runny nose).

Meanwhile, Tommy and the twins are trying to help Chuckie to go back to using his right hand, but it goes terribly. Realizing that he'll always have to use his left hand instead of his right hand, he goes to be in Angelica's "weird stuff show," and becomes her main attraction. When Angelica leaves to get a crayon for Chuckie so people can see him draw with his left hand, Tommy and the twins come up to Chuckie to see how he's doing. But Angelica comes in and saws they have to each give her a cookie in order to see Chuckie. Angelica claims that Chuckie can't be friends with Tommy, Phil or Lil and can only be friends with friends who're considered "different." Angelica doesn't get why Chuckie would want to be friends with them anyway, pointing out Phil eats bugs, Lil's face is always dirty, and Tommy's "bald and lumpy," and points out that they're all "different." This makes Chuckie realize that he's just like everyone else in that they're all different.

Tommy points out that even Angelica's different, with her habit of being mean and bossy, which Angelica realizes is true. While this is happening, Chas finally comes back from the mall and reveals what he learned at the Lipschitz-kiosk: don't berate Chuckie for using his left hand instead of his right, give him plenty reassurance and he'll be fine. Chas also shows off some left-handed products that he got at a store called "Not Quite Right."

At the very end, more and more kids show up to Angelica's "Weird Stuff Show," and she makes a big profit when all the kids give her cookies to see her show.


  • Crayons


  • It was true when Didi said that only about 10% of the population is left-handed like Chuckie is.
  • Charlotte apparently likes stick-shift cars, and presumably knows how to drive one, while neither Didi nor Chas knows how to drive a stick-shift.
    • Charlotte claims that Chuckie's left-handedness will prevent him from ever being able to drive a stick-shift, but in reality, a left-handed person can drive a stick-shift car just as well as a right-handed person. In some countries the driver sits on the right and right handed drivers have no problems using the gear stick.
  • Stu and Drew mention having an Uncle Hugh who was left-handed. Stu remembers that, aside from having a habit of accidentally putting his pants on backwards, their uncle never really had any problems with being left-handed.
    • It's unknown how Hugh was their uncle, such as him being a biological relative (either Lou or Trixie's brother) or simply being their uncle-by-marriage--which would mean that Lou or Trixie had at least one sister that was married.
      • Given the rhyming names for the men in the *Pickles-family ("Lou," "Drew," "Stu"), it's probable that Hugh was Lou's brother.
  • Phil and Lil are both right handed, which is unusual, as pairs of twins usually have one of the twins right handed, and the other as left-handed.
  • Moral: It is okay to be different. Be proud of the way you are.