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Chuckie's Wonderful Life Gallery Transcript

Angelica: Hey, babies! Ready for a game of pin the tail on the diaper?

Betty: My home! My beautiful home! (sobs)

Howard: If only there were one baby, one mature, responsible, somewhat cowardly baby who would set a good example and tell them it's wrong! (sobs with Betty)

Chas: Hi, guys. Socky and I were gettin' kinda lonely. (as Socky) Hope you don't mind us stopping by.

Betty(unnerved) He's getting worse.

(Phil and Lil topple a bookshelf, cackling)

Howard: What should we do, Chas? What should we do? (sobs)

Chas: You should consider yourself lucky! I wish I had a kid, even a terrifyingly destructive one. (as Socky) But he doesn't, he's all alone.

(He, Howard, and Betty burst into tears)

Chuckie: This is bad, angel guy! Real bad!

Angel: Come on, we still have one more thing to see!

Drew: I'm afraid we owe you an apology, Chas. I discovered Angelica throwing this around her room. And since you're the only one I know who listens to Latvian folk dances, I figured it was yours.

Chas: I wondered what happened to this.

Drew: Now, what do you say, Angelica?

Angelica: Sorry, Mr. Finster.

Drew: And she's not gonna get dessert for a whole week!

Angelica: WHAT?!

Phil: Wow, Chuckie! All that time Angelica had the toy!

Chuckie: And I thought it was all my fault.

Tommy: Nah, Chuckie. It wasn't your fault at all.

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