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Chuckie's Red Hair Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 19a
Chuckie's Red Hair
Original Airdate February 27, 1994
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode The Unfair Pair
Next Episode Spike Runs Away

"Chuckie's Red Hair" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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Sick and tired of his red hair, Chuckie takes Grandpa's cue and uses his "Raven Formula 14" black hair dye. But will the solution turn up being worse than the problem?

- Description from Klasky Csupo


While Chas and Chuckie are walking through their neighborhood, all of their neighbors make a big deal over Chuckie's red hair, which he inherited from his dad. After arriving at Stu and Didi's house, Chuckie explains to Tommy that he hates the excessive attention and mockery he gets because of his red hair. At that moment, both babies notice Grandpa Lou, and his suddenly black (and solid) hair. Grandpa Lou tells the other adults he saw the product on TV the other day and decided to try it on his grey hair.

Seeing this, the babies get an idea and head to the bathroom. When there, they find the hair product Grandpa Lou purchased, and Tommy puts it on Chuckie's hair. The adults of course notice what happened but it's too late to save Chuckie's hair: it's as black and as solid as Grandpa Lou's.

Chuckie is at first delighted because he doesn't stand out anymore, so the neighbors no longer fuss over him. However, he soon realizes that nobody notices him, period. After a couple of ladies see the entire group playing in the park and fuss over Tommy, Phil, and Lil, but completely ignore Chuckie, he begins to cry. He explains that he didn't want to be ignored this much, he actually misses people paying attention to him, telling him how great his hair is. Meanwhile Chuckie is oblivious to the sun coming out from behind the clouds, and the black shell over his hair cracking and crumbling, revealing his old red hair underneath.

The other babies tell Chuckie this, who rushes to a puddle and looks at his reflection. Chuckie is overjoyed to see his red hair back again. Suddenly Didi screams, because it turns out that it didn't only happen to Chuckie. Now Grandpa Lou has hair as red as Chuckie's! Lou discovers that the sunlight did something to the color of the dye, and learns to never fool with mother nature or buy hair dye off of daytime television, and thankfully, Angelica pushed Chuckie off his butt and landed in the puddle, and Chuckie proudly states "I'm a red head again."


  • The CC for DirecTV misspells "Ketchup" as "Catsup" even though Tommy and Chuckie correctly said the word "Ketchup".
  • This is the only time Lou Pickles dyed his hair, as he learned near the end to never fool with mother nature.
  • Stu and Betty both only have one line in this episode.
  • Chuckie's crying in this episode was previously heard in "Home Movies".

Moral: Don’t feel bad because you are different; everyone is different in certain ways. And never mess with mother nature.


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