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Chuckie's New Shirt Gallery Transcript

Chuckie: "Gosh, I had lots of good times in my old shirt... like the time I ate eleventy poplickles in one day!"

(Chuckie tries to take off his new shirt.)
Phil: "You feel like Chuckie now?"
Chuckie: "No, I feel nakie!"

Chuckie (crying): "I don't want to be Ralph! I want my old shirt back!"
Lil: "Gee, Twinkly, what's the big deal?"
Phil: "Yeah, Stinky, it's just a shirt!"
(Chuckie gasps and turns to face Phil and Lil.)
Chuckie: "Yeah? How'd you like it if your daddy taked away your shirts with the duckies on em'?"
(Phil and Lil look down at their shirts, then hug each other while crying.)
Chuckie: "Well, I guess I'll go look at a book. Maybe Ralph can read."

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