Chuckie's Glassesgame

Chuckie at the start of the level

Chuckie's Glasses is one of the first level games with the Rugrats: Search for Reptar game storyline and is classified by the game as an easy level. This game is modeled after the Rugrats Television Series episode: Chuckie Loses His Glasses.


The Rugrats babies are left inside Tommy's house on a rainy day to play a game of hide-and-seek. Of course, Chuckie is 'It' (The Seeker). Unfortunately, Angelica took his glasses. Search the house for the other Rugrats babies. You never know where they will turn up.

Goof:: In the cutscene before Chuckie counts, Phil is supposed to say: "Let's play hide and go peep!" but it's his sister, Lil's voice.


Guide Chuckie around the Pickles home, looking for each of the main baby gangs one at a time. Once you've found one of them in there hiding place, simply tag them and race them back to the play pen in the front room. To have a better chance of winning the races, take any of the many short cuts there are (e.g. cutting through the kitchen).

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