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Chuckie's Complaint Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 12b
Rugrats - Chuckies Complaint
Chuckie's Complaint
Original Airdate March 27, 1999
VHS release Runaway Reptar

Volume 5

DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Ghost Story
Next Episode Pedal Pusher

"Chuckie's Complaint" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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When Chuckie sees a commercial for Reptar Cereal where Reptar wasn't acting very nice, he has Angelica write Reptar a letter complaining about his behavior. But when Angelica makes Chuckie's letter a lot worse than he intended AND describes what Chuckie looks like, he tries to get her to change it. He thinks it may be too late when the Rugrats see a commerical for the new Reptar movie that says Reptar is "mad at someone", and Chuckie assumes that it's him. To make things worse, Didi and Betty decided to take the kids to meet Reptar that day at the mall. Will poor Chuckie survive Reptar's wrath? - Description Klasky Csupo


After seeing Reptar steal some cereal in a Reptar Cereal commercial, Chuckie writes a letter to him complaining about the commercial, with a little help from Angelica. When Chuckie decided to retract the complaint, Angelica said that it was too late, as she already "mailed" the letter. Chuckie becomes even more afraid when they go to the Video Cave arcade at "The Mall" to meet Reptar who, according to the commercial for "Reptar's Revenge" (his latest direct-to-video movie), is "mad at someone".


  • All the Rugrats cry at the mall, and are taken by Didi & Betty to the bathroom to have their diapers changed. In the bathroom, Phil, Lil, Tommy & Chuckie are on the table, but not Dil, and Didi & Betty hold up 4 diapers, one in each hand. Isn't Chuckie already potty-trained and wearing briefs by now?


  • When Tommy was having his diaper changed his diaper was still on even though it was off.
  • Chuckie's note read "Dear Reptar, it was not very nice of you to take that boy's cereal. You should have asked for your own cereal or, you know, at least left him some. Also you shouldn't have eaten the bowl, but it was a pretty hole you made and you roared pretty good."
  • Angelica's note read "Dear Reptar, you are a big fat bully. I think your movies are boring and I think you are the meanest, smelliest, ugliest dinosaur who ever lived. Oh, and P.U. (probably meaning P.S.) If you ever need to find me, I'm a little scaredy boy with red hair and glasses."
  • The ad showed Reptar eating a bowl containing a boy's cereal and roaring then a voice saying "Eat your cereal before someone else does."
  • The new direct-to-video sequel called Reptar's Revenge is based on a season 1 episode called "Reptar's Revenge".
  • The episode's title is a possible reference to the novel Portnoy's Complaint.
  • In the closing credits, with the ending Jack Angel (played by Chunk from Toy Story 3) in Rugrats.

Video Clip

How Many Times Did Lil DeVille Cry? - Part 10 - Chuckie's Complaint

How Many Times Did Lil DeVille Cry? - Part 10 - Chuckie's Complaint

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