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Chowder (cat).png
Name Chowder
Gender Male
Species Cat
Occupation House Cat


Chowder is a minor character on Rugrats. He is the Carmichael family's cat whom is only seen in two episodes of the show.


  • His first appearance was in the episode The Last Babysitter. When Tommy and Susie were walking up the stairs in the dark she steps on his tail. Tommy asks what that was and Susie name drops the cat as "Chowder" and says she stepped on his tail and then apologizes to the cat.
  • He made a cameo appearance in Junior Prom.
  • He did not appear in any episodes of All Grown Up!.
  • He only appeared in two episodes.
  • He was mentioned in the episode Naked Tommy.


In "Junior Prom", he appeared as mostly brown with an orange chest and a fluffier orange tail and paws. Although because of the completely different color pallette and asthetics to his appearance, it is most likely that a different cat took his place as Susie's pet. 


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