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Season 4 Episode 4b
Rugrats - Chicken Pops
Chicken Pops
Original Airdate August 23, 1997
VHS release Dr. Tommy Pickles
DVD release Season 4
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"Chicken Pops" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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Plans to attend Charlotte's company picnic are ruined when Chuckie contracts Chickenpox. This gives Angelica the opportunity to convince the Rugrats that he's turning into a chicken. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Today's the annual company picnic of Mega Corp, of which Charlotte is the CEO. Charlotte hates the company picnic, but everyone else is excited about it. Along with Charlotte and her daughter, Angelica, the others who're going to the picnic are Didi and Tommy, Betty and the twins, Chas and Chuckie, and Lucy and Susie Carmichael. Betty and the twins were already over at Didi's house, but when Chas and Chuckie finally come over, it's revealed that Chuckie has the chickenpox. Chas puts calamine lotion all over Chuckie and puts mittens on Chuckie's hands to keep him from scratching himself. Didi and Betty take Tommy, Phil, and Lil outside to play and to keep their distance from Chuckie.

The rest of the babies want to know what "chicken pops" is and why Chuckie couldn't come outside. To scare the babies, Angelica tells them that when someone gets the chicken pox, they actually turn into a chicken! Tommy doesn't believe her at first until Chuckie eventually gets covered in feathers (from a Dummi Bears pillow that Tommy and the twins were playing with earlier) that stick to the calamine lotion that Chas put on him. Tommy and the other babies soon think he's actually turning into a chicken. They tell this to Chuckie and he tells his friends that if he's turning into a chicken, he's going to be a "brave chicken. Not a chicken chicken."

Tommy and the twins give Chuckie training lessons on how to eat worms, fly, and cluck like a chicken. Chuckie starts liking it when he does the "step, flap, cluck" lesson. Tommy, Phil, and Lil notice that they're getting itchy and they realized that they've now got the chicken pox, just like Chuckie. They get scared and start to cry. Chuckie's happy that his friends are joining him, but Tommy and the twins continue to cry and scratch their itchy spots. Angelica makes it worse by telling them that the adults are going to have a barbecue at the picnic and are going to eat them. Chuckie stands up for his friends and tells Angelica that they are going to be chickens together. He scares Angelica away by making chicken noises at her (as he clucks, Chuckie's hair turns into a chicken's comb). Tommy tells Chuckie that he was "the bravest chicken" he ever saw. 

Lucy Carmichael and her youngest daughter, Susie, finally come by--Lucy apologizes for being late, explaining that she was doing some organ transplants at the hospital. The other adults explain how their kids now have chickenpox, but Lucy assures them that it's not a big deal and that their kids are actually better off getting it while they're still young, as the chickenpox are much worse if you get them as an adult (especially if you're a man).

While her mom was inside explaining the situation to the adults, Susie explains to the babies that they're not actually turning into chickens because of the chickenpox, and that the chickenpox don't last that long. Chuckie confesses to Tommy that he's kind of sad that he's not turning into a chicken, saying that he was braver as a chicken than a kid. Tommy makes Chuckie feel better by telling him that he'll always think of him as a chicken (a "brave" chicken).

Also, while Angelica leaves with her mother, the car hits the curb on the way out, and an egg from a picnic basket bounces into her car seat. When Angelica finds the egg, it's shown that she now has the chickenpox. Angelica gets scared and thinks that she's now turning into a chicken (believing the lie she had made up in the first place to scare the babies).


  • Drew's the only member of the Pickles family and Howard's the only member of the DeVille family to not appear in this episode. Lucy and Susie are the only members of the Carmichael family to be seen.
  • Lou was the first to figure out that Chuckie had the chickenpox.
  • A person really is better off getting the chickenpox as a kid than as an adult.
  • Susie's the only Rugrat who doesn't end up getting the chickenpox. It's possible that she may have already had the chickenpox before this, or she may have gotten vaccinated for it (since her mom's a doctor).
    • After the other adults explained that their children had chickenpox, Lucy said that there was a strain of it going around, and that half the kids at Susie's daycare center had chickenpox.
  • After Lucy explained to the other adults that the chickenpox are a lot worse if you get them as an adult, especially if you're a man, Stu asks his dad, Lou, if he already had the chickenpox as a kid. Lou says he did, which Stu is relieved about, but then Lou says it might have been his older brother, Drew, who already had the chickenpox as a kid, which Stu gets nervous about.
    • It's never revealed if either Stu or Drew already had the chickenpox as a kid. It's possible they both had it, perhaps at the same time.
  • This is the third time Chuckie imitates a farm animal. The first two times were both in "Chuckie's First Haircut" when Chuckie pretends to be a cow and a duck.
  • In the episode where Chuckie gets "chicken pops", Didi finds out and looks in the Dr. Lipschitz book, she says "ah here it is, Rashes". Then it goes to Chas then back to Didi and she says the same thing.
  • Betty DeVille's mother exposed her and the rest of her family to all kinds of diseases when she was a child.

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