Also Known As "Chet" (by Tommy)
Gender Male
Birth Date 1989
Age 12
Race Human
Occupation School Student
Interests Homework
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Friends Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Voice Actor (needs research)
First Appearance "Saving Cynthia" (2004)
Last Appearance "Saving Cynthia" (2004)

Chetwin is a minor character who appears in the "All Grown Up!" episode, "Saving Cynthia". He is a tech geek who Tommy and Chuckie approached to fix Pangborn's scheduler. Chetwin doesn't have much free time, as he only has 20 minutes after dinner, and he looks forward to doing homework.


Chetwin is a short light-skinned boy who wears big green glasses and has brown hair. He also wears a sweater vest white a white shirt inside, and he also wears a green watch on his left wrist.


  • He only has 20 minutes of free time (after dinner).
  • He is a tech geek.
  • "Saving Cynthia" is his first and only appearance.
  • He doesn't like being called "Chet".
  • He looks forward to doing homework.
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