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Charles Norbert "Chas" Finster, Sr.
Also Known As Chas Finster
Dad (by Chuckie and Kimi)
Chad (by Coco)
Gender Male
Birth Date April 26, 1957 (Rugrats 1991)
April 26, 1987 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 34 (Rugrats; both original and revived versions)
43 ("All Growed Up")
44 (All Grown Up!)
Race Human
Occupation Bureaucrat, then Co-owner of the Java Lava Coffee House
Interests Selling coffee, spending time with his son, Chuckie, stepdaughter, Kimi, and wife, Kira.
Relatives Kira (wife)
Chuckie (son)
Kimi (daughter)
Melinda (first wife; deceased)
Marvin (father)
Shirley (mother)
Edward (uncle)
Esther (great-great-aunt)
Mathias (great-great-grandfather)
Friends Kira
Hiro Watanabe
Wanda Yoshida-Watanabe
Enemies Coco LaBouche (ex-fiancee)
Rex Pester
Voice Actor Michael Bell (original)
Melanie Chartoff (Baby) ("Fountain of Youth") (Season 9)
Tony Hale (revival)
First Appearance "Barbecue Story" (Rugrats) (Season 1) (1991)
3,000 hours ago, you, me, Chuckie, and Kimi became a family. Happy anniversary Kira.
Chas Finster to Kira Finster in "The Big Sneeze"

Charles Norbert "Chas" Finster, Sr. (born April 26, 1957) is the father to Chuckie, to whom he passed his adenoidal whine, and husband to Kira Finster. He met, fell in love with, and married Kira in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. Formerly a bureaucrat, he is now the co-owner of a coffee shop known as the Java Lava Coffee House with Kira. Chas is also Kimi's step-father. His first wife was Melinda Finster, but she passed away a year or so prior to Chas marrying Kira.


Chas is Chuckie's father, Kira's husband and Kimi's step-father. Like his son, Chas also has his adenoidal whine and also seems to suffer from many types of allergies, and has asthma.

While he tends to be timid, quiet and a bit wimpy like Howard, Chas does have a much more of a speaking role. He does try to be more brave, like his son. He seems to also have a fear of clowns, Like Didi, Chas follows up on the advice of Dr. Lipschitz with caring for Chuckie, who he loves very much. However, unlike Didi, he tries doing things his own way at times. One example could be in "Down the Drain", when he uses a record and his two sock puppets to try and convince Chuckie and Tommy that they don't have to be scared about taking a bath. Despite his allergies, Chas does have a garden and a greenhouse he's working on, caring for all of the flowers that Melinda planted in their backyard to preserve her memory and love of gardening.

As revealed in "Mother's Day", Chas was worried about Chuckie's lack of a mother, as he showed signs of missing Melinda. Chas does miss her deeply, but was more worried about Chuckie and his lack of a mother. In Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, he is slowly tricked into believing that Coco LaBouche is in love with him and loves Chuckie. Believing he loves her too, he comes very close into marrying her, until he hears Chuckie's first word, "no", as he rushes into the church to him to stop the wedding. Realizing that Chuckie is terrified of Coco and after hearing Jean Claude reveal Coco had kidnapped the children and stowed them away, revealing she actually hates children, he calls off the wedding. Soon after though, he falls in love with Kira, after realizing they both have more in common such as their love for their children and a love of poetry. A while later, they get married, and Kira moves in with Chas in the United States from Paris.

As revealed in "The Fun Way Day", he is co-owner of the Java Lava Coffee House, with Kira co-owning as well. They buy the coffee shop in a previous episode, "Sweet Dreams".

In "Finsterella", Chas adopts Kimi. Chas and Kira celebrate their first Easter together in "Bow Wow Wedding Vows", celebrate their first Halloween in "Curse of the Werewuff", celebrate their first Christmas together in "Babies in Toyland" and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in the All Grown Up! episode "Petition This!", which Kimi and Chuckie throw a party for them.

In the 2021 series, he is depicted as a germophobe, suspecting Betty of coming down with illness after a single sneeze.


Chas has peach colored skin. He has messy, uncontrollable red hair, a red mustache, and a pair of purple square-lens glasses (originally green during season one). He wears a brown and black striped shirt (originally light blue during season one), a purple bow tie (originally pink during season one), brown shoes, and green pants with green suspenders (originally brown during season one). His appearance and attitude make him come across as much younger than most of the other grown ups, despite in fact being the oldest of the parents (being just under a month older than Drew) and having known Stu, Drew, and the others for many years.

In All Grown Up!, his appearance changes the least of all the adults, and the only signs of his age is shown through constantly having back pains. He wears a light brown polo shirt, a red belt with a gold buckle, green high-waisted pants, and dark red shoes.

In the 2021 series, he wears a white striped shirt with a mustard yellow vest and lavender bow, a belt, green pants, mustard yellow socks, and white sneakers.


Chuckie Finster - Chuckie is Chas' son They are very similar as they are both scaredy cats and have allergies. Chas has a very close relationship to his son and loves him very much. They both are allergic to dandelions and have red hair and glasses. They are also friendly. Chuckie is named after his father. Chas is very protective of Chuckie after the death of his wife Melinda (Chuckie's mother).

Melinda Finster - Melinda was Chas’ first wife. Chas misses Melinda deeply and they loved each other. Chas met Melinda when she was selling organic produce at a swap meet and Chas saw her face and broke out into a cold sweat that he couldn't even speak or breathe even. It turned out that Chas is allergic to the ebrici beans and his tongue became a size as a football and Melinda gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation and the rest was all history. He works hard to preserve his wife's memory and worries for his son's lack of a maternal figure in his life.

Kira Finster - Kira is Chas‘ second wife and is the mother of Kimi as well as Chuckie’s step-mother! Kira met, fell in love with, and married Chas in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. For the rest of the series, Chas is shown to love Kira greatly.

Kimi Finster - Kimi is Chas’ step-daughter. Though they don't interact much through the series, it is clear Chas loves Kimi like his own flesh and blood and Kimi loves him as a father figure, despite having a living dad in Japan.


  • Chas adopts Kimi as his daughter in "Finsterella". In a legal sense, that technically makes him Kimi's father and not just her step-father.
    • Also in that episode, Kira adopts Chuckie as her son. In the same sense as Kira's, that technically makes her Chuckie's mother and not just his step-mother.
      • Since Chas and Kira adopt Kimi and Chuckie as their children, respectively, in a legal sense, that technically makes them siblings and not just step-siblings.
      • However, Kimi does have a biological father who lives in Japan. Chas is her father in the legal sense, meaning if something were to happen to Kira before Kimi becomes an adult, Chas would have legal custody over her rather than her father.
        • In Chuckie's case, if anything were to happen to Chas, Kira would get custody of Chuckie rather than him going to his grandparents (or a foster home, in some cases)
  • Some of the terms of endearment used toward Chas from Kira are "Koibito" and "Koibito Doll". Koibito is a Japanese saying used only if you truly mean the other is your love, and is only said to a life long partner. Kira also calls him "Anata", which means darling in Japanese. It is often used by loving wives to their husbands when they want something.
  • Kira is called "Dear" by Chas.
  • In All Grown Up!, Kira calls Chas "Honey" and "Sweetheart".
  • In the show's first two seasons, Chas is listed in the end credits as "Charles Sr."
  • The Rugrats book Babies in Reptarland states that Chas and Kira got married six months after the trip to Paris.
  • Children are my Life is the poem in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie that Chas and Kira love and recite part of towards the end.
  • In Rugrats Go Wild, Chas tells Stu that the Lipschitz Cruise was going to be his and Kira's honeymoon before Stu messed it up with his makeshift boat, as Kira gets highly seasick. This also implies the Go Wild movie either takes place soon after Rugrats In Paris, or they waited on a honeymoon by saving up money, or it's possibly their second honeymoon, but it possibly took place before they opened the Java Lava.
    • However, most parents do not take their children or friends on honeymoons, but Chas and Kira brought along Chuckie, Kimi, and their friends.
  • Chas owns two vehicles in the original series, a yellow minivan that resembles a 1991 Toyota Previa and a blue 4-door hatchback that takes styling cues from a 1974-1983 Volkswagen Rabbit and 1977-1990 Plymouth Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon. In "Crime and Punishment", the blue car is shown to have manual windows when Chas gets pulled over. The blue car is also shown to still be in the family roughly a decade later, when Kira is seen driving it in "TP+KF".
  • In "Chuckie is Rich", Chas buys a Rolls-Royce (somewhat resembling a 1977-1980 Silver Wraith II) after winning $10 million dollars, but it can be assumed he sells this car along with his mansion and all of the toys he bought Chuckie when he loses nearly all of the money in a bad investment.
  • In "Chuckie's a Lefty", Chas reveals that he does not know how to drive a stick shift.
  • In the episode "Bad Kimi", Chas is shown to be very protective as he was highly skeptical of Kimi hanging out with Z and even rescinded his "don't judge a book by its cover" speech.
  • A running joke in the show is that Chas is allergic to quite a lot of things. He mentions being allergic to cats and dandelions. Chuckie's also allergic to dandelions but not cats.
    • Also, Chas is allergic to dogs, as stated in "I Remember Melville", when Chuckie takes in a pillbug as a pet, as his dad is allergic to most pets, but not to bugs like Melville
      • Also in "Finsterella", Kira mentions his allergy when he sneezes as Fifi approaches.
        • Despite his allergy, he keeps Fifi as a pet and lets his kids adopt her daughter Pepper as a pet.
      • However, he is shown to have been around Spike and Fluffy before, but he didn't sneeze,
  • He apparently used to have a cat named Yowler, but his parents had to give him away when Chas started showing signs of being allergic to him. However the only source of information to the babies was Angelica, who does tend to twist stories around
  • In the episode "Chuckie's in Love" it is revealed that he cries when he cuts pineapples.
  • "The Santa Experience" reveals that Drew and Chas were in the same fourth-grade class.
  • In the episode "Toy Palace," it is revealed that Chas has asthma and therefore uses an inhaler.
  • In "Uneasy Rider," Chas states that he once mistook some fingerpaints for a fruit salad when he was in nursery school.
  • The ending of "Garage Sale" reveals that Chas can play guitar.
  • Until her death, Chas and Melinda had the smallest age difference among the married couples, their birthdays (April 26 for Chas and September 13 for Melinda) only being 140 days apart. (For comparison, Drew and Charlotte's age difference is 142 days, giving them the smallest age difference among intact married couples.)
  • According to "Thief Encounter", Chas used to have a pony named Crackertoe when he was a kid.
  • In "The Sky is Falling", Chas and Stu used to play tennis and practice against the side of the garage.
  • Cuffed is the only episode where he and his son Chuckie appears without Tommy.
  • According to "Traditions" from the 2021 series, he has only nine toes.
  • The only incarnation of the franchise where he doesn't appear is Rugrats Pre-School Daze.