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Chanukah Gallery Transcript

Chuckie: Hey! Be nice, Angelica, It's Tommy's birthday.

Lil: Yeah, we was blowing out his candles!

Angelica: You dumb babies! Those candles aren't for Tommy's birthday. They're for... (hacking wetly) Chanukah! (starts walking off)

Tommy: Harmonica?

Angelica: (hacking) CHANUKAH! You have to (hacks) when you say it.

(Tommy, Phil and Lil try hacking and spraying saliva everywhere.)

Chuckie: Angelica, what's... (hacking) "Hanna-kah?"

Angelica: (hacking) Chanukah is that special time of year between Christmas and "Misgiving," when all the besets holiday shows are on TV!

(Didi and Chaz are about to enter Beth Shalom Jewish Center. Tommy, Phil and Lil are in strollers while Angelica and Chuckie are walking)

Angelica: Thank you for inviting me to your Chanukah fair, Aunt Didi. Do you think they have a T.V.? (Didi gives Angelica a stern look)

Narrator: And now back to, A Very Cynthia Christmas. (the TV shows Cynthia flying in a hot-air balloon as the title rolls past)

Angelica: Yes!

Tommy: Come on you guys, Grandpa needs us!

Angelica: Not so fast babies! Me and Cynthia are got some ketchup to do! (she cackles, grabs the TV and runs off towards the stage area)

Chuckie: Well who could've seen THAT coming?

Tommy: But Angelica, what about the meany of Chanukah?!

Angelica: Stupid babies, there is no meany of.... (She bumps into Schlomo, and the TV falls to the ground and breaks, silencing the special)

Babies: Its the meany! (the door locks behind them, and they hide)

(Angelica sees the deceased TV and starts to cry)

Schlomo: Oy. Oh shush, shush! What, what is it, what do you want?

Angelica: I want my Cynthia!! (cries)

Schlomo: You wanna watch the tube? (picks up the TV, but the handle comes off and it breaks even more, showing a spider web pattern on the internal glass screen, Angelica now cries really hard and loud)

Schlomo: (picks up the bawling Angelica) What? I'm not a people person!

Chuckie: (covering his eyes) What's happening?

Phil: I think the meany's trying to squeeze her guts out!

Lil: What'll we do?!

Phil: I know! We can use Tommy's pillowcase and pretend we're a ghost! (he pulls the white pillowcase over his head and begins walking around acting like a stereotypical ghost) OoooooOoooooOoooooOOOOOH! (unable to see where he is going, Phil bumps into a table leg)

Lil: That wasn't very scary.

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