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Season 7 Episode 7a
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Changes for Chuckie
Original Airdate January 23, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Previous Episode Wash-Dry Story
Next Episode The Magic Show
Changes for Chuckie is a Season 7 Rugrats episode.

Characters Present


Since Kira & Kimi came into Chuckie's life, he believes that everything is changing when Kira straigtens his hair, buys him new "trap-door" pajamas with feet, gives him sandwiches with crusts, and, worst of all, gives Wawa a makeover.


  • The Finsters' house doorbell's ringing had the exact same sound as the Pickles' house doorbell's.


Kira: Hi Chuckie. Well I guess washing Wawa wasn't the best idea. You know there is still a lot about you I don't know yet. Like your favorite sandwiches or your favorite games or the songs or stories you like. Those things may take a while. What i do know is I love you very much. I hope that will do till I get the other things sorted out.


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