Changes for Chuckie Gallery Transcript
(The episode begins with a bird and scrolls down to Chuckie, playing hide and seek)

Chuckie: Here I am!

Tommy: Huh? Chuckie! You supposed to wait until I finded you. 

Chuckie: Oh, yeah, (hic) I forgetted again.

(Kimi giggles and rolls out of the hedges)

Kimi: Here I am!

Tommy: Let's play something else.

(Didi and Kira appear)

(Chuckie gasps)

Chuckie: Uh-oh.

Tommy: What's wrong, Chuckie?

Chuckie: She's gonna do it again.

Tommy: What?

Chuckie: She's gonna squish down my hairs again! I just know it!

(Didi and Kira walks to the infants as Kimi gets up and walks up to her mother, giggling)

Kira: Hi, Kimi. Hi, Chuckie.

(Kira squishes down Chuckie's hair as mentioned)

Kira: Ready to go?

Chuckie: D-! Ooh!

(Kimi grabs Chuckie's hand and they walk away.)

Didi: Is everything okay with Chuckie?

Kira: I don't know, Didi. I just feel like we're not connecting.

Didi: Maybe Lipschitz can help. I'll call the 1 800 number and see if they can recommend a book.

(Cut to Chuckie and Kimi's house, where they see meatballs with sauce.)

Chuckie: Kimi, what is this stuff?

Kimi: It's Meatyballs. My mommy says they're her special tea. Uh, only they're made of meat and you don't drink 'em.

Chuckie: I've never eated nothing like that afore.

(Kira puts the meatballs on the spaghetti)

(Kimi eats her meatball)

(Chuckie tries to eat his meatball but he sneezes and drops his meatball)

Kira: That was quite a sneeze. I'll get a tissue for you, honey.

Chuckie: These meatyballs are so big, and the sauce gots in my nose, and it giveses me the sneezies!

Kimi: it didn't give me the sneezies. I eats them all the time.

(Kira gets the tissue and blows Chuckie's nose)

(Fifi picks up the meatball and eats it and drops it)

Kira: Fifi! That's people food. Not doggy food! Come on, girl.

(They walk away)

Chuckie: Kimi, how am I s'pposed to blow my nose on a wigglin' tissue?

Kimi: Mommy always holds my tissue. I like it.

Chuckie: Well, I don't.

(He blows his nose on his shirt multiple times)

(Cut to Chuckie and Kimi's room)

Kimi: Fly! Superthing is the fastest of all things. Fly!

(Chuckie walks in sadly with his Wawa)

Kimi: What's the matter, Chuckie?

Chuckie: I don't like these new jammies. My feets is trapped.

Kimi: But they keep your toesies warm.

Chuckie: Look! I can't even wiggle my toes around! My jammies have feets and then, my meatyballs are sneezy, oh, gosh! Nothing is the same since I gots a new mommy.

(Kira enters and squishes down Chuckie's hair again.)

Kira: Time for beddy bye.

(Kira kisses Kimi)

Kira: Good night, sweetie.

(Kimi rolls over in her crib and falls asleep. Kira tucks Chuckie in, takes off his glasses and kisses him, too)

Kira: Sweet dreams, Chuckie.

(She turns off the lights and closes the door)

Chuckie: Wawa, you look like you needs a hug.

(He tries to reach him, but he's trapped under the blanket. He babbles as he wriggles, trying to get out.)

(He finally grabs him)

Chuckie: At least we still gots each other and nothing's never ever gonna change.

(The door buzzer buzzes at the Finster house the next morning. Didi has showed up with an Lipschitz book)

Kira: Didi! What a surprise!

Didi: I brought you a little present. Lipschtiz recommends this book. "Step Up to Step-Parenting".

Kira: Thanks! Come in!

Didi: I gotta go. Stu's robotic salad maker had already broke two windows.

(Kira closes the door and reads)

Kira: Chapter 1, How to make connected gestures?

(She thinks for a moment)

(Cut to the kids room)

(Kira heads to Chuckie's bed and takes away his Wawa)

Kira: Look at this old bear. Looks like someone needs a make over.

(The next day)

(Chuckie wakes up and grabs his Wawa, which is not there)

(He puts on his glasses and startles)

Chuckie: He's gone!

(Kimi wakes up and looks at Chuckie)

Kimi: What's wrong, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Wawa is gone!

Kimi: He probably ate his cereal already.

Chuckie: He's a bear. He can't eat cereal! Everything had been changing since I have a new mommy.

(Kira comes in)

Kira: Ready for breakfast?

(She pickup Kimi and grabs Chuckie's hand and walks to the dining room/kitchen)

Didi: Blueberry pancakes, coming up.

(She and Kira leave)

Chuckie: (sighs)

Tommy: What's the matter, Chuckie?

Kimi: His Wawa is gone.

Chuckie: He must had walked away since the changes my mommy made.

Tommy: Don't worry, Chuckie. Ever since Dilly came, he used to be rough but he is happy now.

(Dil throws a few of his cereal, making some land in Tommy's hair)

Tommy: (annoyed) Dilly!

(Dil laughs)

Tommy: Let's go find him.

(The babies goes to the bedroom)

(The washer machine beeps)

(In the living room)

Kira: There's the clothes. I'm working on a surprise for Chuckie. Wait til he sees it.

(She's rushes off to the machine)

(The babies search for Wawa)

Tommy: Not here.

Chuckie: Not here, either.

Kimi: I think I founded him.

(She looks in the toy car)

Kimi: Sorry.

Tommy: We need to look somewhere elses.

(They look in the bathroom)

(Kimi searches the curtains)

(Tommy checks the toilet)

Kimi: I think he might be watching TV.

Kira: (offscreen) Kids, lunchtime!

(At the table)

(Dil is drinking from his bottle and eventually he accidentally spits it on Didi)

(Didi walks away)

(Kira does so)

Kira: I'll be right back.

Chuckie: Why are the crusts on my sandmich?

Kimi: All the good stuff are on the crusts.

(Tommy and Kimi eats their sandwiches)

(Chuckie eats it and spits it out and taking the crusts off)

Kira: Chuckie, I got a surprise for you.

(She shows Wawa but this time it's fixed)

(Chuckie screams and runs away to his room)

(In his room)

Chuckie: Everything is changing.

(Kira walks in)

Kira: Hi Chuckie. I'm sorry. Well, I guess washing Wawa wasn't the best idea. You know there is still a lot about you I don't know yet. Like your favorite sandwiches or your favorite games or the songs or stories you like. Those things may take a while. What I do know is I love you very much. I hope that will do till I get the other things sorted out.

(Chuckie hugs Kira)

(They laugh and Kira kisses Chuckie's head)

(Outside, Kimi is playing with her car and Chuckie is bouncing a globe ball)

(Kira comes in)

Kira: Chuckie! Good news! Dil got a hold of Wawa and look.

(Wawa is shown all messy, and kind of normal)

(Chuckie hugs it and Kira walks away)

(But Chuckie walks to Kira)

Kira: What's the matter, honey?

(She giggles)

Kira: You.

(She let Chuckie play)

Chuckie: She likes me now. And she needs to not wiggle the tissue.

(They laugh, ending the episode)

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