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I don't want this page to be deleted because I would love to see Nickelodeon Movies actually make the movie. They totally should because they would make alot of money because millions of people would want to see the Rugrats make a big return like this.

This episode does not exist

I do not think my Tommy & Kimi article should be delated because I think it's warrented for the future of Rugrats. Rumor has it there will be a Rgurats reboot, well hopefully the show will pick up where it left off, and maybe if Arlene Klasky & Gabor Cuspo see the article, maybe they'll decide to give Rugrats fans what they desrve to see... Tommy & Kimi accurateley becoming a couple. I mean think about it, that's what they did in: "As Told by Ginger" with Ginger & Darren. Ginger & Darren where a boy and a girl who had potential to be a couple, and eventually they did become a couple. So if Klaksy Cuspo did it with Ginger & Darren, I don't see why they shouldn't do it with Tommy & Kimi.

And besides, Recess Wiki has an article called: "TJ & Spinelli's relationship", that talks about how TJ & Spinelli have been hinted to be an item, and talked about the things they have in common, they times TJ has hinted he likes Spinelli, and the times Spinelli has hinted she likes TJ, and the times both of them hinted that they like each other. So if Recess wiki did that with TJ & Spinelli, I don't see why this Wiki shouldn't do the same thing with Tommy & Kimi, as they have been expoloited as an item, and there was that one episode that at the end, clearly hinted that they were in love with each other (though only in secret).

So this article should not be torn down, it should exist, because Recess has a similar article on its page, and it's for the good of Rugrats!!!!

Perhaps it would be better to create Relationships pages for the characters such as are common on various other Wikis and clean up the material about Tommy and Kimi, including their implied attraction to each other.--OptimusPrimon (talk) 05:16, September 27, 2016 (UTC)

Well we don't always have to copy other wikis plus that's why there are relationship sections on the main character pages. Also a rugrats reboot has been hinted for many years and it most likely will not ever happen. Sure I loved to see one but i don't seen it happening anytime soon and one page is most likely not going to make a difference. Plus not everyone might want Tommy and Kimi as a couple. I have friend so that ship Tommy and Lil or the characters with other characters within the show. Babysmurfrocks (talk) 05:22, September 27, 2016 (UTC)

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