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Cat Got Your Tongue? Gallery Transcript
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Season 7 Episode 8a
Rugrats - Cat Got Your Tongue.jpg
Cat Got Your Tongue?
Original Airdate February 16, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Complete Series
Previous Episode A Lulu of a Time
Next Episode The War Room

"Cat Got Your Tongue?" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Charlotte is hosting a very fancy party with shrimps, quail eggs and an ice sculpture. She has invited Angelica (who is welcoming guests), Betty, Grandpa Lou and Drew (who are talking and eating snacks), Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi (who are under the table, eating), Lulu (who is putting pepper on Howard's salad), Howard (who is eating the salad), Dil (who is in his stroller), Stu, Lucy, Randy and Didi (who are playing violins) and Fluffy (who is in Angelica's arms). Then Betty says Howard has lost his voice and can't "say when", much to the dismay of Phil who tells the others. They don't want him not to talk or sing so they look in the bathroom for the voice. Then Phil tries looking on the voice box but Chuckie doesn't know how to get it out. Lil presses a button and Jonathan's voice comes out. So they search the study. Lil points out she doesn't know what a voice looks like. Then Kimi claims she has found it in the stereo but accidentally disconnects it. Then Angelica puts it back, while Lulu says "Cat got your tongue?". The babies think Fluffy stole Howard's tongue. Angelica claims cats do steal things and Fluffy will eat Howard's tongue. They go to Fluffy's cat castle which Lil and Chuckie are scared of. Phil and Lil go in and say that if they are not back in eleven days then Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi can have their lint collection. Phil picks up Fluffy's toy mouse. Fluffy meows and jumps down. Phil and Lil keep trying to get Howard's tongue, but fail so they go on and try to talk to Fluffy but Angelica stops them. Lil is sad as she doesn't want a dad who can't talk. Lulu then tells Grandpa Lou that he won't be hungry for dinner if he eats those snacks. This inspires the babies to feed Fluffy so she won't eat Howard's tongue. Charlotte and Angelica say that it's dinnertime. The babies get lots of snacks. Angelica and Fluffy are watching TV and the babies feed Fluffy. Then someone says "Dinnertime". They follow Fluffy who has what looks like a tongue. The thing goes into the pot plant, the floor, Didi's hair and Howard's mouth who suddenly talks again. Angelica picks Fluffy up and Howard sings to Phil and Lil.


  • It was never revealed why Howard lost his voice and never said a word in the first place.
  • Chas and Kira were strangely absent from the party even though Chuckie and Kimi were there.


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