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Buster Franklin Carmichael
Also Known As Buster Carmichael
Gender Male
Birth Date July 9, 1983 (Rugrats 1991)
July 9 2013 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 8 (Rugrats)
18 (All Grown Up)
Race Human
Occupation School student
Interests Playing sports, pulling pranks
Relatives Randy Carmichael (father)
Lucy Carmichael (mother)
Alyssa Carmichael (older sister)
Edwin Carmichael (younger brother)
Susie Carmichael (younger sister)
Chowder (pet cat)
Great Aunt T (great aunt)
Charles (great uncle)
Ty (brother-in-law)
Gabrielle (niece)
Friends Alisa Carmichael
Edwin Carmichael
Susie Carmichael
Auntie T
Charles Sticky
Enemies Alyssa Carmichael (occasionally)
Voice Actor Kath Soucie (The Last Babysitter)
Joey Wilcots (Runaway Reptar)
Crystal Scales (A Rugrats Kwanzaa)
Bumper Robinson (All Grown Up)
First Appearance Meet the Carmichaels (Rugrats) (Season 2) (1993)
Last Appearance In the Family's Way (All Grown Up!) (Season 4) (2007)

Buster Franklin Carmichael is one of Susie's two brothers, and the oldest of the male children in the Carmichael family. He enjoys playing sports and is admired by his younger siblings Edwin and Susie, probably because of his bravery. Buster and his older sister Alyssa often fight for dominance, as they are the oldest of the Carmichael children. Buster is considered a minor character in the Rugrats TV series and appears in several episodes of the show.


Buster is "the king of sportsmanship" for the Carmichaels. Buster, his siblings, and his parents all make their debut in Meet the Carmichaels, in which their family move into the neighborhood. Like his older sister Alyssa, Susie admires Buster for his bravery. He is a typical 8-year-old boy, very active, loves games, and is often playing sports. He likes to play with Susie when he can, but he has a habit of trying to be dominating. He often fights with his older sister Alyssa, who can be seen in The Last Babysitter as they butt heads for dominance. The character is very competitive when it comes to fighting with Alyssa, and he once decides to play a prank for her sending his friend Sticky home. However, because of Susie and Tommy's interference, his prank fails and Alyssa sends him to bed.


Buster has brown-colored skin and a pair of round white eyes with black pupils. He has dark brown lips and many white teeth. The character can often be seen wearing a red-and-white jersey and has dark brown hair.


Buster Carmichael has appeared in several episodes of the Rugrats TV series. His first appearance was in Meet the Carmichaels.


  • Before Susie was born, Buster was the middle child of the Carmichael family.
  • While his parents and younger sister have all made appearances, it's currently unknown if Buster (along with Alyssa and Edwin) will appear in the 2021-reboot of Rugrats -- so far in the reboot, Susie appears to be an only child, as there haven't been any mentions of her parents having any kids outside of her.