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BurgerKing-ReptarWagon.JPG|Reptar Wagon
BurgerKing-ReptarWagon.JPG|Reptar Wagon
BurgerKing-DactarGlider.JPG|Dactar Glider
BurgerKing-DactarGlider.JPG|Dactar Glider
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BurgerKing-SnapShotSusie.JPG|Snap Shot Susie
BurgerKing-SnapShotSusie.JPG|Snap Shot Susie
HulaDebbieMemoryGame.JPG|Hula Debbie Memory Game
HulaDebbieMemoryGame.JPG|Hula Debbie Memory Game
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The Burger King Logo as of 1999.

Burger King is a global chain of Hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in Miami-Dade country, Florida, USA. The Company began in 1953, as "Insta-Burger King", a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. After financial difficulties the following year, Its two Miami-based Francishees, David Edgerton and James MacLore, purchased the company and renamed it Burger King.

From 1998 to 2003, Burger King had five different Rugrats-themed promotions.

March 1998: Rugrats

From February 23 to March 29, 1998, the Rugrats were introduced to Burger King. Participating Burger King restaurants offered five different Rugrats Toys with their kids club meals, with a different one being sold each week.

Toy Description Date of Introduction
Jumpin' Chuckie Chuckie jumps around on his toy bunny. 2/23/1998
Tandem Triking Phil and Lil Phil and Lil on a "Big Wheel". 3/2/1998
Hero-on-the-Move Tommy Tommy crawls. 3/9/1998
Reptar Alive A Walking Reptar. 3/16/1998
Wind-Blown Angelica Angelica in her toy convertible. 3/23/1998


November-December 1998: The Rugrats Movie

From November to December 1998, the Rugrats returned to Burger King to tie in with The Rugrats Movie. This promotion lasted from November 23 to the end of the year. Participating Burger King restaurants offered twelve different toys with their kids club meals, with two different ones being sold each week.

Toy Description Date of Introduction
Aqua Reptar Variation of the Reptar Wagon that rolls over land and floats on water. info needed
Spike to the Rescue Spike rolls and drags his leash. info needed
Chuckie's Treasure Hunt Chuckie goes climbing, looking for a monkey icon. info needed
Shirley Lock Holmes Angelica Wind-up Angelica in her Shirley Lock Holmes costume. info needed
Monkey Mayhem Circus Monkey somersaults. info needed
Phil and Lil: My Reptar! Phil and Lil play tug of war with a Reptar Doll. info needed
Scooting Susie Susie rides on her scooter. info needed
Baby Dil Awakens Dil pops out of his crib. info needed
Okeydokey Tommy Tommy kicks his legs while he hooks his whip. info needed
Clip-On Tommy with Baby Dil Tommy opens his arms to hold Dil. info needed
Reptar Wagon Variation of the Reptar Wagon with working headlights. info needed
Dactar Glider Pull-back variation of Dactar. info needed


Also during this time, four different watches were sold for $1.99 each, with the purchase of a Kid's Club Meal or Value Meal.

Watch Description Date of Introduction
Reptarmania With "Animated Action". info needed
Talking Tommy Tommy says, "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" info needed
Chuckie's Bananarama Watchband smells like Bananas info needed
Angelica's Floating Flowers Watch face has flowers that float. info needed

November 2000 - Rugrats in Paris

From November 13 to December 10, 2000, the Rugrats returned to Burger King again to tie in with Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. This promotion featured eight different toys, two different ones sold each week. Based on the movie, each toy is based off a ride at the EuroReptarLand theme park. They can work alone, or they can connect to each other and run simultaneously. Each toy included a figurine of one of the Rugrats characters riding a car. These cars could be used with any of the rides, including the Reptar Rider and the Dactar's Descent rides, both of which could accommodate two riders.

Toy Description Date Introduced
Phil's Snail Spinner Any figure could attach to the side of Robosnail for a whirling ride that lights up. Includes Phil figure. 11/13/2000
Tommy's Reptar Rider Up to two figures can ride atop the claws of the Robo Reptar as he spins them around. Includes Tommy figure. 11/13/2000
Dactar's Descent with Lil Up to two figures could sit on Dactar's wings as he spins them down. Includes Lil figure. 11/20/2000
Chuckie's Rumbling Robot Buggy When any figure is locked into the port, it can be wound up and released with the trigger. Includes Chuckie figure and stickers to decorate the ride. 11/20/2000
Dil's Ooey Gooey Roller Ride Any figure can glide down a slippery slide that can lift them back to the top. Includes Dil figure. 11/27/2000
Susie's Super Spiral Any figure can plug into the top of the toy and slide down, suspended from the track. Includes Susie figure. 11/27/2000
Angelica's Castle Ride Any figure can ride up the steps of the castle, then glide down the waterfall. Includes Angelica figure. 12/4/2000
Tumbling Kimi Volcano When placed at the top of the volcano, any figure can tumble down end over end. Includes Kimi figure. 12/4/2000


Also during the promotion, Burger King offered four special Chatback watches, with each featuring mini-conversations between two Rugrats characters. One watch was released per week, and was sold for $1.99 with the purchase of any value meal.

Watch Phrases Date Introduced
Phil and Lil Phil: "It's an alien!"
Lil: "It's Reptar!"
Phil: "Wow!"
Lil: "This is great!"
Kimi and Chuckie Kimi: "You're not too brave!"
Chuckie: "That's scary!
Kimi: "It's a moosement park!"
Chuckie: "I'm not goin'!"
Angelica and Susie Angelica: "I'm gonna sing!"
Susie: "Now what?"
Angelica: "Listen to me!"
Susie: "Don't interrupt."
Tommy and Dil Tommy: "Wanna play, Dilly?"
Dil: "My Tomby!"
Tommy: "Let's do it!"
Dil: "Play! Play!"

January 2001 - Rugrats Treehouse

From January 15 to February 11, 2001, the Rugrats returned to Burger King once more, featuring tree house-themed toys. The toys could either be enjoyed by themselves, or connected to each other to build a tree house, which, when fully built, reaches seventeen inches in height.

Toy Description Date of Release
Flees Bees Chuckie When wound up, Chuckie runs around his part of the tree house, being chased by a swarm of angry bees. info needed
Phil and Lil's Seesaw When a branch is pressed down, Phil and Lil go up and down the seesaw in their part of the tree house. info needed
Race Around Susie When wound up, Susie drives her car across the circular circuit of track around the treehouse. info needed
Baby Dil's Reptar Ride When the leaves are pressed down, Dil swings around the branch in his Reptar swing. info needed
Angelica's Castle When Angelica's head is pressed down, Angelica will say one of three phrases, "Keep out!" "No babies allowed!" and "Scram!". info needed
Go For Gophers Spike When the knob of the trunk is wound, Spike chases the gophers who pop in and out of their holes. info needed
Bird Catching Tommy When the leaves attached are pressed down, Tommy will crawl out of his part of the tree house along a branch and scare an owl away. info needed
Round-n-Round Kimi When the leaves are pressed down, Kimi performs tricks on the rings attached to her part of the tree house. info needed


2003 - Rugrats Go Wild

From June 2 to June 29, 2003, Burger King released one last line of Rugrats-themed toys to tie in with Rugrats Go Wild.

Toy Description Date of introduction
Donnie's Bug-O-Torium This toy is a container for real bugs. Pressing the button spins Donnie. info needed
Rock-Diaper-Scissors This toy popper features Tommy, a dice block with images of rocks, paper, and scissors, and two separate scorekeepers. Players could take turns playing rock-paper-scissors, until one reaches five points. info needed
Scared-O-Cat Chuckie This toy depicts Chuckie hiding in a tree. Two or more players take turns placing a cut-out of a leopard into various slots, until they find the one that pops Chuckie out. info needed
Eliza's Card Caddy This toy is a card caddy shaped like the Thornberry Family's convoy. Inside are cards of Darwin, Chuckie, Angelica, Donnie, Eliza, Susie, and Tommy, with one of each colored red, yellow, blue, and green. info needed
Spike's Crazy Maze A maze toy, where Spike's magnetic nose can guide the metal ball from start to finish. info needed
Angelica's Bathysphere This toy depicts Angelica driving the Thornberry Family's bathosphere. It is a two-in-one toy, as pressing the button spins the propeller to create a breeze, and provide an answer when a yes or no question is asked, featuring the phrases, "Of course!", "What do you think?" "No way!", "Dream on!", and "Absolutely!". info needed
Snap Shot Susie This toy depicts Susie behind a log. This is a two-in-one toy, featuring a viewfinder, and a flashing light. Also includes a piece of paper for morse code use. info needed
Hula Debbie Memory Game This toy depicts images hidden behind closed doors, and a button that rearranges the images. The object of the game is to find and match all the images Includes a bobble body figure of Debbie. info needed


Also during this promotion, moviegoers could experience the smells of the film, with a special process called "Odorama", not unlike the efforts attempted by B-Movie hucksters in the 1950s and 60's, and more recently, John Waters in the early 1980s. This stunt was to tie in with a scene where Spike loses his sense of smell, and counts on the audience to help him complete his mission. Special numbered cards, each representing a different smell (smelly feet, strawberries, peanut butter, a floer, a root-beer float, and fish) were given away with Kids meals at participating Burger King Restaurants from June 2 to June 29, 2003, and separately at Blockbuster Video rental stores on June 15, 2003. Participants could pick up the cards, then take them to a local movie theater showing the film. When a particular number flashed onscreen, vierwers could scratch off the scent with the particular number on it. Numbers that flashes in read meant the viewer should find the corresponding number on their card (glowing in the dark for their convenience), and be ready to scratch and sniff when the onscreen number turns green.


  • In August 1999, according to a Viacom press release, there was to have been a Reptar-themed promotion at Burger King, to tie in with the direct-to-video release of Runaway Reptar. Nick declined this promotion, option for a generic back-to-school-themed promotion instead.
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