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Brothers Grimm Gallery Transcript

Tommy: Uh, guys. What up?

Kimi: WHAT UP?! I'll tell you what up.

All: Run!

Chuckie: (panting) You forgot the newton first law! Tommy's dad is gonna kill us!

Kimi: I Hate smart Chuckie.

Chuckie: Kimi.

Kimi: Relax, Charles.

Karl: Yea.

Kimi: Hi, uh, it's Kimi Finster. I need a toilet bowl cleaner.

Karl: Hear what?

Carl: Go away!

Kimi: I know you have a TV in there.

Didi: On second thought, no TV ever.

Dil: But mom, there's nothing to do.

Phil: This isn't funny anymore. We need TV! (pop the bubble) She's scrappy, but there's only one of her.

Tommy: If we're gonna scam my mom, we're gonna have to step it up a notch. We need to think like a parents.

Lil: Gum in the car?

Chuckie: Low density lipo protein?

Chuckie: What? That's a bad cholesterol.

Kimi: My mom always says bad things happen when kids too much time in their hands.

Tommy: Here's the deal. We build a rickety platform way up on that spindly limb, string a somewhat frayed rope over to that other tree, where the guy drops off into our half-finished swimming pool.

Lil: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It's perfect.

Phil: What are we waiting for? Let's Build this piece of junk.

Lil: (chewing a gum) Chuckie, what is all that?

Chuckie: I'm designing a view so that observe the action.

Dil: That's never gonna happen, right?

Phil: It rocks.

Chuckie: Uh actually, it doesn't. With of grader .000001, it's well 12 inch in standard.

Kimi: I am master of you and for you.

Tommy: To alarm, mom.

Dil: Where's mom?

Tommy: I don't know, I thought being really obvious.

Dil: Well, be obviouser.

Chuckie: Partly, Tommy but

Tommy: Relax! I told Dil to go down and keep a look out for my mom.

Phil: I thought you said Lil. (Drinking a juice)

Didi: Knit 1, pro 2, knit 1 ([gasp) zipline.

Didi doesn't know where zipline is and Tommy took it.

Didi: Tommy Pickles!

Tommy: Dil, stay on position.

Didi came out of the house where Tommy and the rest of them are. They are at the tree fort.

Didi: Get down here right this instant! This has to be the single stupidest thing you have ever done!

Everyone are in the tree fort except Dil holding the handle bar and standing in position.

Didi: Dil, I want you on the ground now!

Dil: Trust me, mom. We all want the same thing.

Dil walked but the handle sharp tore Dil's sleeve hold and slide down all the way and jump in finish pool. Didi closes her eyes and knocked out. Dil gets out of finish pool and excited.

Dil: That was wick it awesome. Can I go again? It was completey safe. My hands barely touch the bottom.

Cut to Tommy's house on TV cheese on stage have pointer, hat and dress shoe.

Tommy: Chuckie, this show is lame, see what else is on?

Chuckie: No, can work clicking thing.

Kimi: He's back.

Tommy: You know, guys. This is really boring.

Lil, Phil, Dil, Kimi exclaims.

Chuckie: Huh?

Lil: We could hang it out in the tree fort.

Everyone go out to the tree fort. Cut to kitchen, Stu is holding a extensions everything plugs and the last plugged in which TV is on.

Stu: Television, I have bedroom television. Television, I have bedroom television.

When he plugs all the TV, all the lights and TV are power jump. He screamed.

Stu: Ahhhhhhhhhh.