Brett is a minor character on Rugrats. He is a young rich socialite who lives in Little Biendeltown and Angelica's crush in the episode "Murmur on the Ornery Express." He is voiced by Pamela Adlon.

Role in "Murmur on the Ornery Express"

Brett first appears when everyone on the Biendeltown Express is having dinner and gets Angelica's attention while she is drinking soda. He orders a chocolate malted and a chip-a-doodle, then asks Angelica if she's tried the latter before, as they're exquisite. Angelica is lovestruck, then tells Brett that she hasn't. Brett orders a second chip-a-doodle for Angelica, and Angelica sighs lovingly.

Later in the episode, while the babies are sleeping that night Brett leads her to the sleeping babies, and asks her if they're precious. Angelica tells Brett, "They're the most adorable little Baggamuffins" and they close the door.

The next day as Brett eats from a box of chocolates in the dining car, he tells Angelica that the most wonderful thing about travelling is meeting new people. He asks Angelica if she agrees, and Angelica lovingly tells him she does. Stu and Drew reach the window near them, and Drew knocks on it for help, but neither Angelica nor Brett pay any attention.

Later in the episode, Brett shows Angelica his most prized possession, his gold watch, which he tells her it once belonged to Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt. Angelica decides to show Brett what she considers her most prized possession. She opens her dollhouse, only to find Wawa inside. She screams when she realizes this, and tosses Wawa into the air just as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi arrive. Chuckie catches Wawa, and is happy to see him again. Angelica tells Chuckie that Wawa is disgusting, and is about to call him and his friends dumb, but realizing she can't say anything bad in front of him, calls them "Dumazingly wonderful precious babies."

After Dwayne Tickerbacker is arrested for stealing Minka's necklace the train sets off for Little Biendeltown where everyone has a wonderful time. When it's time to get back on the train and go home, Angelica tells Brett that it's time to go and he tells her that he can't go and that Little Biendeltown is his home and that his family run the Little Biendeltown School of Deportment and Ballroom Dancing. Angelica tells Brett that it must mean goodbye for the both of them, and their parting is such sweet sorrow. She then realizes that because of him, she was forced to be nice to the babies. Brett asks Angelica if she means, "The precious ones", and Angelica closes the door on him. She then re-opens it briefly to tell him, "Later, Smoothie!" and he walks away upset.