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Box Brown (born Brian Brown 1980) is an Ignatz Award-winning American cartoonist whose first work was the online comic Bellen! and Rugrats. He was the winner of a 2011 Xeric Grant for the comic Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing.

In 2011, Brown started a Kickstarter fundraiser to create a new publisher called Retrofit Comics, with the goal of publishing 16 alternative comic books over 16 months. Since completing this goal, Retrofit Comics has continued to publish new comic books every month or two.

Brown created a full-length graphic novel about the professional wrestler André the Giant called André the Giant: Life and Legend, for First Second Books, published in May 2014. It debuted as ninth bestseller on the New York Times Bestseller List for Paperback Graphic Books and remained on the list for three weeks.

In 2016, Brown published a book about the videogame Tetris called Tetris: The Games People Play through First Second Books.

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