Bow Wow Wedding Vows Gallery Transcript
Season 8 Episode 3
Rugrat - Bow Wow Wedding Vows
Bow Wow Wedding Vows
Original Airdate March 25, 2002 (VHS)
VHS release Easter
DVD release Season 8
Previous Episode Curse of the Werewuff
Next Episode Quiet, Please!

"Bow Wow Wedding Vows" is the third episode of Season 8 of Rugrats.

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Spring is in the air and love is all around, but when Spike begins ignoring Tommy in favor of Fifi, Angelica suggests his faithful dog has forgotten about him. When the kids and their parents (with all the dads dressed as bunnies) show up for the Finster Easter Brunch, Fifi and Spike give the Rugrats the real reason why they've been ignoring them... a whole litter of puppies! - Description from Klasky Csupo


It's finally spring, and the Rugrats can play outside. Tommy's the most excited about it, because he can now play with his best animal friend, Spike. Chuckie and Kimi's parents, Chas and Kira, are planning a Sunday brunch for Easter, which is soon, and have even hired a professional party planner named Ralph. While the babies are playing outside, Spike sees Fifi by his doghouse and runs to her side, leaving Tommy and his friends confused.

Tommy tries to get Spike to pay attention to him, but Angelica comes outside and tells him that Spike's in love with Fifi and won't remember Tommy. Tommy doesn't believe that, and he and his friends make various attempts to get Spike to remember him, but none of them work. Angelica tells Tommy that Spike's never going to remember him since he and Fifi are in love. However, the babies point out that all of their parents are in love and still remember other people. Angelica claims that it's different once you get married, because your're busy having children. The babies hold a wedding and reception for Spike and Fifi, but Spike still doesn't seem to remember Tommy, which makes Tommy all sad and upset.

Meanwhile, Didi gets upset with Stu when he starts paying more attention to his inventions than to her, and fears that the romance of their marriage is ending. However, Stu reveals that he had been working on a present for Didi: a special flower fountain with a built-in irrigation system so it can grow flowers all year long and stay beautiful, just like Didi (which makes Didi happy). Unfortunately, it ends up malfunctioning, but Didi still loves it, claiming, "It's the thought that counts."

Tommy eventually decides to try and be happy for Spike and Fifi's relationship, and tries smiling all the time about it (although his friends don't think it's a real smile, which it isn't), and all the families go to the Finsters' Easter Brunch Party. The dads of the Rugrats are all dressed up as Easter Bunnies, and Ralph ends up becoming a special guest at the party, after confessing to Chas that even though he's a party planner he's never been an actual guest at the party, and Stu and Howard end up getting stung by a bunch of bees (inadvertently caused by Stu).

While looking for Easter Eggs, Tommy confesses to Chuckie that he's really sad, but after the confession, Spike walks over to Tommy. Tommy and the others realize that Spike does remember Tommy, and Spike leads them to the Finsters backyard shed. When the babies look inside the shed, they see that Fifi has given birth a litter of nine puppies (which explains why Spike seemed to forgot about Tommy for a brief time). The adults come over to the shed and see the puppies, and start talking about cute they are and what a wonderful Easter its been.

The babies are really happy that Spike and Fifi are parents, and Tommy tells Spike that babies are fun. But after Dil throws his rattle and hits Chuckie in the head, Chuckie responds, "Well, most of us," which makes him and his friends laugh.


  • Fifi gives birth to puppies. However, when a female dog is pregnant, she usually is fatigued and bloated during the later stages of pregnancy, though in this episode, she just acts like her usual self. And of course, Chas and Kira were oblivious to the whole thing -- they should have noticed these and other signs of a pregnant dog.
  • When the puppies are first seen, their eyes are open. However, when dogs are first born, their eyelids are usually sealed shut -- it takes several days for them to open.
  • Drew and Charlotte Pickles' names were listed in the credits even though neither characters said a single word.


  • Production-wise, this is the last episode to feature Christine Cavanaugh as the voice of Chuckie.
  • The role of Ralph Klumdor, brunch expert, is voiced by Ryan Stiles, who can be seen on The Drew Carey Show and both the US and British versions of Who's Line Is It Anyway?


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