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Boom! Studios (BOOM! Studios) is an American comic book and graphic novel publisher that was launched in June of 2005 and is located in Los Angeles, California. Ross Richie is the founder of Boom! Studios. The company is well known for their licensing of various shows and films to have a comic book or graphic novel adaption; those licensing have included "Toy Story", "Adventure Time", "Power Rangers", and many more.

Role with Nickelodeon

Early Rugrats Boom! Studios Designs

Early Rugrats comic designs published by Boom! Studios; art by Lisa DuBois.

On July 17, 2017, it was announced that Boom! Studios will be publishing a brand new series focusing on the Rugrats. The first title is "Rugrats #1" and it will be a continuing series on the beloved carpet critters. "Rugrats #1" was released on October 18, 2017. The latest title "Rugrats: The Last Token" was released on December 3, 2019.


  • "Rugrats #1" is their first Nickelodeon comic book adaptation.

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