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The Blocky and Oxwinkle Show was Stu and Drew's favorite TV show when they were children as seen in the episode "Sour Pickles." It is based on the real-life series Rocky & Bullwinkle. Whenever Stu and Drew were caught fighting, Grandpa Lou would turn off the television and shout, "No more Blocky and Oxwinkle!" making them cry, but he doesn't care if or how much they do so. He would then put them in their playpen, tell them to play nice and he'll let them watch Lawrence Welk, and open up the store before Stu and Drew try to sneak out and watch the show without Grandpa Lou knowing. In the present, Stu and Drew finally watched the end of Blocky and Oxwinkle they never got to watch. In "Chuckie Collects," it revealed Stu loved their comics when he was little, like he loved the television show. Actually, both still do love the show.

Blocky and Sveltana the Spy are voiced by June Foray, who voiced Rocky and Natasha Fatale in Rocky and Bullwinkle and In the spoof of "Rocky and Bullwinkle".