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Blind Man's Bluff Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 2
All Grown Up - Blind Mans Bluff.jpg
Blind Man's Bluff
Original Airdate April 11, 2005
DVD release Dude, Where's My Horse?
Previous Episode Fear of Falling
Next Episode Yu-Gotta-Go

"Blind Man's Bluff" is the second episode from Season 3 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


When Susie gets a gig singing at Slosh Mountain, "the world's coolest water park", she gives free tickets to Tommy and his friends. The kids are thrilled, not so much about the show, but about getting the chance to go on the mother of all rides, Whiplash Gorge. Unfortunately, Tommy and Dil soon learn they have to look after Grandpa Boris after cataract surgery on exactly the same day because Stu's convention got rescheduled for that day, Didi has an emergency blood drive to run, and Minka has to take care of her sister. Dil convinces Tommy to take Grandpa Boris with them to Slosh Mountain, which they claim is the Senior Center, when he points out that they never said they couldn’t go to Slosh Mountain; They only said they had to pick up and look after Boris.

Once they arrive at the "Senior Center," Boris mentions a friend named Ira. Boris tells Tommy and Dil that it did not look or smell like the Senior Center, so Tommy told Boris to wait until he had a snack. In his blind state, Boris thought he saw someone who looked like Ira but he found himself yelling at a biker. The biker spoke and confirmed that his name was Irving. He continued his quest. Tommy and Dil went to check on Boris but he wasn't there but his cane. Dil tried to imagine himself as Boris who was blind. Tommy confronted Dil and told him that they lost an old and temporarily blind man in a water park. Boris nearly lost his footing on a flight of stairs. He hit a father and told him that he was looking for Ira. He rubbed a baby's hair and mistakes her for a schnauzer, causing her to cry. He then blindly walked through a speedway causing havoc in the process, and through a baseball shooting range and drove the players crazy.

Back at Whiplash Gorge, Lil excitedly pointed out that it was the only ride with its own hospital. However, there was way too long of a queue to get on the ride as Chuckie pointed out. He tries to tell them about Drippy Hill, the kiddie area, but he notices that they're gone, effectively angering him. Dil and Tommy were still searching for Boris but in the process, missed Susie's singing recital. Tommy and Dil walked to a clown (mistaking him for Boris) and the clown made Dil a teddy bear balloon. Dil asked the clown to make him intestines but Tommy pulled him away and said that he was calling security. Dil stopped Tommy and gave the reasons, likewise, "Remember your toast speech?" Dil told Tommy that their friends were at the park.

Back with Boris, he thought he found Ira but "Ira" kept on wandering off. He hit a mine mannequin causing him to lose sight of Ira. At the Jagged Rapids (which was currently a hazard construction area), he blindly knocked over a support causing massive rocks to fall. This on impact caused more rocks to fall down destroying ride that was under construction. Boris ploughed through the red tape and heard giggling. He removed his glasses, and his vision was still blurry but once he rubbed his eyes out, he could see again. Boris still had no idea where Tommy and Dil took him and it wasn't the Senior Center either. However, Boris was happy and had fun at Slosh Mountain.

Meanwhile, when Kimi and the twins are in a pool, a screaming Chuckie slides down from Whiplash Gorge, which he actually enjoyed, wanting to do it again. Tommy and Dil finally catch up to them, and they agree (with the lead of Kimi) to help them find Boris, but they're all busted for stealing walkie-talkies that aided them in their search. They're taken to the security room, where Tommy spots Boris surfing from one of the cameras. With the help of one of the officers, the kids find him and make it to Susie's show after Angelica comes to it.

Back at the Pickles household, Tommy, Dil, and Boris are all sunburnt from their adventure, while Didi asks them about their day. She and Stu surprise Tommy and Dil with seasonal passes to the water park. But after praising the boys for their responsibility, Didi asks Tommy and Dil how they got so sunburnt, and Boris why he smelled like chlorine which he replies "I uh, uh oh".


  • When Kimi bumps into the patrol officer, she's barefoot, but after the purple-haired boy comes, she's wearing her sandals. After that, she's barefoot again.


  • This is Boris' first appearance in All Grown Up!.
  • It is mentioned that Minka has a sister, named Gidl, who is alive and having some health issues.
  • Ending tagline: "That was wicked awesome! Let's go again!" - Chuckie