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Season 7 Episode 1c
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Big Brother Chuckie
Original Airdate January 19, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Complete Series
Previous Episode Dil's Binkie
Next Episode Dil Saver

"Big Brother Chuckie" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


When Chuckie is afraid of the same things that Kimi likes, he fears that he isn't such a good big brother to her. Meanwhile, Chas & Kira start making plans for a new business venture -- a coffee house.


  • The coffee house Chas & Kira planned on making called Java Lava opened in the episode "The Fun Way Day."
  • This episode continues a plotline from Rugrats in Paris: The Movie as Chuckie struggles to be a big step-brother to Kimi.


Tommy: There's all kinds of Big Brothers, Chuckie! Dilly and me aren't the same. His favoritest thing to do is go poop, and that's only my second favoritest thing to do, but I'm still his brother!


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