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Big Binky
RelativesEmma (younger sister)
EnemiesAnyone who plays with Emma
Chuckie (once)
Voice ActorJoanna Rubiner
First AppearanceHe Saw, She Saw
Big Binky is Emma's tough older brother. He's known on the playground as, besides being a bit of bully, being Emma's constant protector. He is always looking after Emma to protect her from harm.


He eventually finds out about Emma's new friend Chuckie and scares him off, believing Emma isn't safe around him. Although Chuckie's terrified of Binky he still wants to play with Emma, as does Emma with Chuckie. To help their friend, Tommy, Phil, and Lil distract Big Binky to allow Emma to play with Chuckie.

In the end, Big Binky comes to like Chuckie after he "saves" Emma from ants in a tree stump they were hiding in. To show his gratitude he allows them to play together, provided that he supervise both babies. He also decides to get rid of his binky, saying "he talks better without it", thus losing his nickname. Both Phil and Lil are shocked to see him throw away his pacifier.


  • He was famous around the playground for being the oldest toddler that still used his pacifier, rarely being seen without it, until he realized he talked better without and threw it away.
  • He's similar to Justin because they both have "Big" for their nickname, wear diapers and overalls, and are bullies.
  • Unlike some bullies in the show who bully other babies because they are mean, Big Binky is only a bully because he just wants to protect his little sister from being hurt.


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