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Big Babies Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 17b
Rugrats - Big Babies
Big Babies
Original Airdate April 25, 1999
July 6, 2001 (US)
VHS release Make Room for Dil
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode All's Well That Pretends Well
Next Episode Wrestling Grandpa
Big Babies is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Grandpa Lou gets to put his old friend Kevin McNulty through his Wombat Club's secret initiation rituals. This gives the Rugrats the idea to set up some "itchy-nation" rituals of their own for Dil, to see if he can pass the test to become a "Big Baby". These tests are copied by Stu and Drew, who make a bet with each other that they can still do everything their kids can do. - Description from Klasky Csupo


The babies' dads prepare for a game of badminton, as the babies themselves play catch with the birdie. When Dil doesn't throw it back, Tommy decides that they can give him an "itchy-nation" (initiation), after overhearing Grandpa Lou talk about an initiation for the Wombats, to make Dil a "big baby" like them. When they tell of their talents, they see if Dil can do them, but he's unable to do any of them.

Meanwhile, the dads bet that they can't keep up with their respective children. The babies think that they're trying to find out about their tests for Dil, so they intentionally tire them out by running all around the backyard, and get them stuck on the slide (Stu), in a lawn chair (Howard), and in the doghouse (Chaz.)

Once they succeed, they try the mud on Dil, but after that fails, the adults get out of their sticky situations. When the kids try to pull the Reptar Wagon, which Dil is sitting in, to their hiding spot, the adults take over, and try to outdo each other, but they get exhausted, and fall asleep in the grass. Seizing the opportunity, the babies take Dil to their hiding spot, only to find him asleep. But they decide to let him be a big baby anyway, despite him failing their tests.

Music Identification

  • Rugrats Theme - [opening]


  • Things that Big Babies can do:
    • Chuckie can blow all the fuzzies off a dandelion.
    • Lil can eat a whole worm herself.
    • Phil can fill his pants with mud.
    • Tommy can do a somersault with his eyes closed.