Beverly Jones
Also Known AsCon Artist (by fans)
Swindler (video game)
InterestsSwindling people
EnemiesTommy Pickles
Angelica Pickles
Susie Carmichael
Harold Frumpkin
Voice ActorKath Soucie
First Appearance"Susie Sings the Blues" (2003)
Last Appearance"All Grown Up!: Express Yourself" (2004)
Tomorrow, your life is going to change forever!
— Beverly to Susie in "Susie Sings the Blues".
Beverly Jones is a minor character who appears in the spin-off series, All Grown Up!. She is a con artist who managed to scam Susie out of $1,000 by convincing her that she will help with her singing career. She also appears in the 2004 video game, All Grown Up!: Express Yourself and in the 2005 book, Singin' the Blues.


Beverly Jones is a con artist who appears in the episode Susie Sings the Blues. She claims to be an agent from the talent agency and promises to sign Susie to a record deal. Beverly then demands $1,000 to rent out the studio and hire composers in order to convince Susie that she is legit. Susie then gets the money from her sister, Alisa Carmichael, who was saving the money to buy a house. After Susie gives the $1,000 to Beverly, Beverly gives Susie an address to the studio and tells Susie her "world will change forever".

After taking the bus to the supposed studio, a man sweeping the streets informs Susie that there was never any studio located in the area. Before giving his statement, the man says "not again" implying that many people fell victim to Beverly's scams and were promised to have a future that was then crushed by being told it was fake. When Kimi appeared, expecting high hopes for Susie, she disappointingly explained to Kimi that she was conned by Beverly. To cheer up Susie, Kimi said that Beverly took enough money to go on a "shopping spree" but she didn't do anything to take her talents.


Beverly pinning her contact information on the bulletin board, moments prior before meeting Susie.


Beverly Jones is a light-skinned woman with a slight tint of purple hair with yellow earrings. She is seen wearing a grey suit and red tie with black heels.


It's not known whether or not Beverly was brought to justice by the police in the series. However, in the video game All Grown Up!: Express Yourself, Beverly makes an appearance by scamming Susie and even promising Tommy a career in filming. After getting a tip from Tommy about Beverly's whereabouts, Angelica follows Beverly through the woods and calls the police. We can assume that Beverly gets arrested after the police were called.


  • Beverly is the first antagonist to be introduced in the series.
  • She has never made an appearance nor was she mentioned in the later seasons.
  • To convince Susie, she claimed that she had people from Pouty Girl Records to come hear her sing.
  • It assumed that she gets arrested in the video game.
  • It is possible that Beverly has scammed many other people.
  • After you complete the "Follow the Lady" mini-game in All Grown Up!: Express Yourself, Angelica and Harold publish an article piece about Beverly, which serves as a warning for other people to be careful if she is seen. Thus, exposing her illegitimate promises.
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