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Belinda Eldor
Also Known AsBelinda
Birth Date1990 (presumably)
Age1 1/2
InterestsPlaying at the 'El Dorado Playground'
Playing with Tommy and Chuckie
RelativesUnnamed Mother
FriendsTommy Pickles (possible love interest)
Chuckie Finster
Prudence (currently)
EnemiesPrudence (formerly)
Voice ActorKath Soucie
First AppearanceShowdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch (Rugrats) (Season 2) (1992)
Last AppearanceAngelica's Birthday (Rugrats) (Season 3) (1993) (Cameo)

Belinda Eldor is a blonde haired toddler, who befriended Tommy and Chuckie at 'El Dorado Playground' and is also the first person to warn the boys about "The Junk Food Kid" (aka Prudence). She is an overall fun-loving and friendly girl who will stick up for her friends if needed. She meets the boys while acting as a bartender, giving them apple juice. When the boys ask what happened to her arm after seeing a band-aid, she fearfully answers "Somebody pushed me".

After having a good time playing with the boys, she tries to urge the them to leave as she tries to. However, when the Junk Food Kid appears, she reveals she threatened Belinda and warned her to not come back to "her playground" and then proceeds to make fun of her blonde hair. Hinting that she's the one that pushed Belinda, Tommy attempts to stick up for Belinda, only to be distracted by the Junk Food Kid after she hits Chuckie with her chocolate bar and then sticks a popsicle stick behind Tommy's diaper.

Belinda bravely shouts to the Junk Food Kid, "Hey, that's NOT funny" and proceeds to help Chuckie. But the moment her back is turned, the Junk Food Kid blows a bubblegum bubble and pops it, letting it go all over Belinda's hair. Belinda is shocked and left crying. The next day, the boys find Belinda with most of her hair gone, to which she explains that her mother had to cut it all off because of the gum.

After Tommy announces he's had enough of the Junk Food Kid and plans to make her stop, however when he asks for help, most of the kids run and hide. When he notices Belinda and Chuckie are the only ones standing, Belinda says proudly, "No we're staying. We're with you Tommy". By Tommy's orders, Chuckie leads Belinda away to the monkey bars as Tommy and the Junk Food Kid have a showdown. She's impressed by how Chuckie said during their fight "Ahh this is nothin'. Once he got his tongue stuck to an ice cube". After Tommy defeats the Junk Food Kid, its implied that Belinda may have developed a crush on Tommy and he may possibly return her feelings, making her his first crush.


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