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The Bed Monster is a one-time only character that appeared in Under Chuckie's Bed. He is voiced by David Eccles.


After moving from a crib to a "big boy" bed, Chuckie becomes afraid when he realizes he is no longer as protected as he once was. Despite this, Chuckie attempts to settle in, but finds that there is something unsettled underneath his bed who continually scares him. Angelica reinforces his fear, as she tells him the story of Barnaby Jones, another kid a few streets over who was eaten by a supposed monster under his bed after the monster tricked him with a promise of cake and ice cream.

Tommy and Chuckie sleepover one night, and attempt to face the monster head on. As they look under the bed, screams of terror ensue, which results in Chas rushing into the bedroom. As he turns the light on, the "monster" is revealed to be nothing more than a sweater in which Charles had accidentally left in the room as they were remodeling. The voice turned out to be just their imaginations.


  • "Hiya, Chuckie!".
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