Bean Mattson
Also Known As N/A
Gender Male
Birth Date Around the 1860s
Age Unknown
Race Human
Occupation Camp Everwood Assistant
Interests Haunting Camp Everwood
Relatives Unknown
Friends Dil Pickles
Camp Everwood Settlers
Enemies None
Voice Actor Laraine Newman
First Appearance "Interview With a Campfire" (part one) (2004)
Last Appearance "Interview With a Campfire" (part two) (2004)

Bean Mattson is a character who appears in All Grown Up! He is a ghost that was a lost soul who finally became free when his companions' bodies were discovered. He only appears in the episode "Interview With a Campfire."


When we are first introduced to Bean, he is an assistant at Camp Everwood who gave a brief synopsis of the spooky things that occur in the camp. Towards the climax of the episode, it becomes evidently clear that Bean is no ordinary boy, and that he is actually a ghost who died in 1871 with the other Everwood settlers. It is not clear where Bean is originally from, but it is known that he was with the Everwood settlers whom disappeared in 1871. Bean and his friends were then killed due to the harsh winter conditions and lack of supplies.

Haunting Camp Everwood

Bean's ghost haunts Camp Everwood, though it's not clear why he does it, we can assume that Bean was looking for the missing settlers before he can rest in peace. Once Tommy and the gang came along, Bean became good friends with Dil which sparked interest in solving the mystery of finding the lost settlers. In the end of the episode, when Tommy and his friends are watching the recorded material, a bonus scene plays and it shows Bean levitating with his red eyes saying, "Don't ever got no brain or nothing". Everyone screams in fear as the episode concludes.


Bean is a light-skinned boy with brown eyes and brown hair who wears an orange shirt and blue jeans. His eyes change from brown to red as he reveals that he is a ghost.


  • He is the second high-power deity to appear in All Grown Up!, the first being Lil'Q (Cupid).
  • Bean supposedly became great friends with Dil and got along fine with the rest of the kids yet that didn't stop Bean from scaring them badly in Tommy's video, implying that he may not have seen them as friends at all.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Tommy and the gang complained that their log cabin is "freezing" and towards the end of the episode, they talked about how their cabin was no longer freezing in the morning. Indicating that Bean's spirit haunted their cabin and now that the curse has been lifted, the cabin is back to room temperature.


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