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Be My Valentine Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 32
Be My Valentine
Original Airdate February 11, 2000
VHS release I Think I Like You
Volume 6

Decade in Diapers - Volume 1

DVD release Decade in Diapers
Season 6
Complete Series
Previous Episode No Place Like Home
Next Episode Discover America

"Be My Valentine" is a two part Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


When the Rugrats accidentally hit Spike with one of Angelica's arrows while she's dressed as Cupid, she tells them that they have to find Spike a valentine fast or he'll have a "broked heart". Can the babies help him win over Angelica's cat Fluffy? Meanwhile, the adults get their arms stuck in Chas' car trying to get his keys out. - Description from Klasky Csupo (for Be My Valentine Part 1)

While their parents go to a Valentine's Day costume dance, the Rugrats are left in child care. There, Angelica and Susie get the babies to start making valentines. Will Phil make one for a new friend who seems to be smitten with him? Who will make the best valentine for Timmy McNulty...Angelica or Susie? And will Chuckie get his dad a valentine before Valentine's Day is over? - Description from Klasky Csupo (For Be My Valentine Part 2)


Be My Valentine Part 1

Today is Valentine's Day and the home of Stu, Didi, Tommy and Dil Pickles is decorated for the holiday (Dil's even dressed up in a heart costume while Tommy, Chuckie and the twins are eating heart-shaped sugar cookies). The parents of the Rugrats are getting ready for a Valentine's Day dance, the theme of which is "Love through the Ages." Stu comments that Chuckie's dad, Chas, was the only one of them who actually rented a car as part of his costume, and then his older brother, Drew, and sister-in-law, Charlotte, come in through the door with their daughter, Angelica, dressed up as Cupid. Chas also finally comes by and shows off his car, and he wants his friends to try the punch he made for the party.

Angelica notices the babies eating heart-shaped cookies, and her and Tommy's grandpa, Lou Pickles, comes into the living room and notices Angelica dressed up as Cupid. He explains that he got hit with Cupid's arrow when he first met her and Tommy's Grandma Trixie. Trixie didn't like Lou back when they first met, but he was relentless in courting her, and she eventually fell in love with the sweet and romantic but clumsy Lou. Angelica finds the story boring and goes into the kitchen, while the babies thought Grandpa Lou's story was cool. The babies start messing around with Angelica's bow and arrow from her Cupid costume, and Spike ends up getting hit with an arrow. When Angelica hears that, she tells the babies that they have to find Spike an animal-Valentine or else he'll suffer from a broken heart. The babies feel that Angelica's cat, Fluffy, would make a good Valentine for Spike. The babies remember the things Lou said he did after he met Trixie, and they try doing those things for Spike and Fluffy, but it doesn't go quite as planned.

Meanwhile, the moms of the Rugrats go to Betty's house to help her pick our a pair of platform shoes for her costume for the dance, while the dads of the Rugrats help Chas get his keys out of his locked car. The driver side window was open a little bit, but Chas gets his arm stuck in the window. Stu gets his arm stuck in the window while trying to help Chas's arm get unstuck, and then Howard got his arm stuck while trying to help them (after claiming, "All the DeVilles have trick elbows"). And finally, Drew gets his arm stuck trying to help his brother and their friends

The babies are still trying to get Spike and Fluffy to fall in love, but they end up running out of the house as their moms come back and their dads finally get their arms unstuck from Chas's locked car (with the help of a mechanic). The dads are too embarrassed to tell their wives about what happened, and Stu suggests that they go inside and try Chas's punch. Spike and Fluffy run out of the house and knock the punch out of Stu's hands. The punch splashes over everything outside, including Spike and Fluffy, who start licking it off of each other, but the babies think they're kissing and have fallen in love.

Be My Valentine Part 2

Tommy, Dil, Phil and Lil finally arrive at the Valentine's Day "Love through the Ages" Dance. Stu and Didi are dressed as a couple from the 1920's, Howard and Betty are dressed as a couple from the 1970's, Drew's dressed as either Julius Caesar or Marc Anthony and Charlotte's dressed as Cleopatra, while Chas is dressed as a 1950's greaser and comes to the party stag (without a date). Chas and his son, Chuckie, had gotten to the dance really early, and Chuckie's happy when his friends finally come. The Rugrats, Angelica and Susie (whose parents are dressed as a medieval couple) have fun in the playroom and make valentines for each other (Phil and Lil make cards for each other, Chuckie makes one for his dad, and Angelica and Susie both make a card for Timmy McNulty, who they both have a crush on).

After Chuckie says he's going to wait until tomorrow to give his dad the valentine he made, Angelica says that Chuckie has to give it to him while it's still Valentine's Day. Hearing that, the babies go out to the party and try to find Chuckie's dad. When they do, they're surprised to see he's all alone. After various attempts to get close to him, Chuckie finally gets into Dil's stroller and tells Tommy to push him in the direction of his dad. He ends up crashing into the refreshments table, but Chas loves the Valentine's Day card Chuckie made him. In the end, the babies end up dancing with their parents, the shot ends with a shot of Chuckie dancing with his dad.


  • Even though Susie and Edwin appear in the second act, Alyssa and Buster do not. Susie was also the only member of the Carmichael family to have any lines.
  • This is probably the first Rugrats episode to not only debut outside the US, but debuted in a language other than English, for its world and North American premieres.
  • This is the tenth half-an-hour episode of the series after "Tommy's First Birthday", "The Santa Experience", "Passover", "Chanukah", "Mother's Day", "Vacation", "The Turkey Who Came to Dinner", "The Family Tree" and "No Place Like Home".
  • This 2-part episode has not only a title card for each part (labelled "Part 1" and "Part 2"), but each part has a different set of writers and directors.
  • In this episode, the title card sequence is used twice once after the opening credits just like The Family Tree, where the title card says, "Be My Valentine Part 1", and again after the first commercial break, where it says "Be My Valentine Part 2".
  • According to Angelica, the first sign of a broken hearts is when someone looks out the window and makes funny noises.
  • At the dance, Stu and Didi are dressed in 1920's, Chas is dressed 1950's, Drew and Charlotte are dressed like Anthony and Cleopatra, the Carmichaels are dressed like a prince and princess, and Betty and Howard are dressed 70's.
  • This is the seventh time Lou was shown when he was younger after "Grandpa's Date", "King Ten Pin", "Sour Pickles", "The Mattress", "Hair!" and "Pee Wee Scouts".


  • In the scene when Didi put Dil down the pillow to help Dil sit up, it wasn't there. In the next scene it was.
  • When Susie is making her Valentine's card, she finishes cutting one side of the heart, but when Angelica and Susie are finished discussing their cards, she is still working on the original unfinished side.