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Baseball Gallery Transcript

[The episode starts off with a small boat getting tossed around it eventually sinks and pops back up. We see Tommy taking a bath, while Grandpa Lou is shaving and listening to his radio]

Radio Announcer: "This is K.O.L.D radio. Music for the old and the old and heart. And now for you sports fans out there, it's time for trivia. With our special guest, with baseball legend Bucky Majors."

[Baseball music plays]

Lou: "Say now, Bucky Majors!"

Bucky Majors: "It's a pleasure to be with you guys here today"

Radio Announcer: "I want to remind you that the 13th caller with the correct answer to Bucky's question, will win three tickets to this afternoons game against Boston. That number again is 555-KOLD"

Bucky Majors: "Okay here's the question. What player in the history of baseball, hit the most homers on the second Tuesday, in every month of April, for all time in eternity?"

Lou: "Second Tuesday in April... I know that one!"

"Come on, scout!"

[Lou grabs a towel and picks up Tommy out of the tub and walks off screen. Spike starts to drink the bath water. Lou walks into a room and starts dialing the radio station]

"Most homers... Second Tuesday... April"

Woman: "Hello"

Lou: "Hello"

Woman: "Hello"

Lou: "Hello. Is it Bucky Majors?"

[The woman speaks but it's muffled. Grandpa jumps up in down in excitement]

"Yippee! We won, Tommy, we won!"

Stu: "What's all the commotion about, Pop?"

Lou: "Grab your gloves boys, the Pickles are going to the ballgame!"

[The next scene cuts to the stadium were a sign is shown reading "Go Grizzlies" cuts to the inside of the stadium]

Announcer: "Two outs, and the bases are empty, and there's no score here in the bottom of the first inning."

[Cuts to a baseball player]

"Husky winds up. And the pitch..."

[The player swings but misses the ball]

"Stree-rike two!"

[Cuts to Grandpa, Tommy and Stu]

Lou: "Haha, those Boston Boomers couldn't bat their way out of a wet paper bag."

Stu: "Great seats, pop, what a view."

Announcer: "Haskell seats off his signal"

[Cuts down to Tommy who is trying to see, but a guys arms in the way]

Tommy: "Bleh." [He goes to take a bite of his hotdog]

Announcer: "Here's the windup... And the pitch... Oh nickel ball, strike three, and the Boomers go down, in the top half of the inning"

[As Tommy opens his mouth to take a bite he squeezes the bun causing the hotdog to slide off. He lets go of his balloon to grab the sausage, then grabs the balloon again]

​​​​​​'Tommy': "Bear"

Announcer: "Leading off for the Grizzlies, is number six, Bucky Majors."

[Lou looks through a pair of binoculars to get a better view. We get a close shot up of Bucky swinging some bats]

Announcer 2: "Bucky's a guy who needs no interdiction, Chuck, as a three time hall of famer, and the cornerstone of the Grizzlies."

Lou: "Come on up here, Scout, and have a look at greatness."

[He sticks the binoculars in Tommy's eyes. We get another close shot of Bucky swinging bats back and forth. Then a shot of the Grizzlies mascot is shown]

Chuck: "He leads the league in RBIs."

Tommy: "Bear"

Lou: "Ah... Someday, we'll be watching you down there, Tommy"

[Camera cuts down to a batboy struggling to pull out a huge bat. He eventually gets it and struggles to carry it to Bucky]

Bucky Majors: "What do you think?"

Batboy: "He likes to pitch Low and Outside, Mr. Majors."

[Bucky swings and the batboy ducks]

Bucky Majors: "Yeah."

Batboy: "Uh-huh, and if you wait for an outside curve, you'll hit it right out of the park"

Bucky Majors: "Inside curve huh, okay"

Batboy: "Mr. Majors?"

Bucky Majors: "Yeah?"

Batboy: "You're my hero"

Bucky Majors: "Thanks kid"

Batboy: "Lucky number three, Mr. Majors"

[Bucky grabs the big bat and hands several one's to the batboy]

Chuck: "Majors steps into the batter's box. Here's the windup, and the pitch..."

[The pitcher throws the ball which flies right into the catchers glove]

​​​​​Chuck: "Woah an outside, ball one."

Color Commentator: "Majors is in no hurry. Seems to be waiting for the right one."

Chuck: "Here's the windup, and the pitch..."

[The ball flies towards Bucky's bat, and Bucky hits causing the ball to fall apart and unravel in the sky]

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