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Names: Barney
Status: Invisible Boy


Barney only shows up once, as Chuckie's imaginary friend. Chuckie and him have many adventures and play many games. Afterwards while going to the park, Tommy sees Chuckie talking to nothing but is told, by Chuckie, that Barney's invisible. After playing a few games, the kids begin to go to Barney for more exciting games. Even to the point of goating Chuckie to keep asking him. However, after feeling pressured, Chuckie blurts they should go exploring in Tommy's attic. However afterwhich, the babies want to go. Chuckie however feels to afraid to and shouts that Barney isn't real. That he had just made him up, to which the babies forgive him and say they were impressed that he thought up those games.

However, after leaving Tommy's, Chuckie is still seen talking to Barney.