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Barnaby Jones
Barnaby Jones.jpg
Name Barnaby Jones
Age 2-5
Species Human
Hair Brown
Interests Comic books
Only Appearance "Under Chuckie's Bed"

Barnaby Jones is a young boy in Angelica Pickles's story, who loved to read comics. It's said by Angelica that he lived a few blocks over from Tommy's house. He was allegedly eaten by a monster who lured him under his bed with the promise of ice cream and cake. It is shown that he used to not believe in monsters, had brown hair and peach colored skin, a white T-shirt, was a bit naive and loved cookies and milk. Angelica told the story about him being eaten to scare Chuckie so it is unknown if the story is true or if Barnaby does exist but even if he does exist the story of him being eaten probably is not true.

He is seen reading a comic titled "Scary Tales" where Angelica happens to meet a monster in her house. At the end of Barnaby's story the camera zoom's in to a scene of the comic where Angelica says to the babies, "And they never saw little Barnaby Jones again."