Name Barber
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Barber
Interests Cutting hair, styling hair
Relatives None known
Friends Chuckie
Enemies None known
Only Appearance Chuckie's First Haircut
The barber is the man charged with giving Chuckie his first and second haircut. He is a seemingly friendly man who tries to make Chuckie happy and calm about his first haircut. However, Chuckie gets too scared and creates a huge mess at the barbershop. The barber is later seen when Chas takes Chuckie again for another try at a haircut. He also laughs like the rest of his patrons after seeing Chas' hair (after Chuckie cut it). He offers to help but wants Chuckie to go first. After a successful job cutting Chuckie's hair, he cuts off all of Chas' hair since he couldn't really do much with it.


A minor character in the Rugrats television series, Chuckie Finster's barber. He is a kind, responsive adult who acts as a supporting character in his only appearance on the show.


The barber has peach skin and white eyes with black pupils. His hair is purple. He is often shown wearing a red vest and a blue shirt.


The barber has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, Chuckie's First Haircut.


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