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Barbecue Story Gallery Transcript

[The episode begins with a close-up of the grass and some insects in Tommy's backyard. The camera moves over to a red beetle. A close-up of Tommy's eye is now shown as Tommy eyes the beetle.]

Tommy: "Oooh! Ahhh!"

[Tommy grabs the beetle, and is about to put it in his mouth, when he hears Didi.]

Didi: "Tommy!" [Didi picks up Tommy and grabs the beetle from him.] Don't eat that, you don't know where it's been!"

[Didi tosses the beetle aside, and it flies towards Lou, who is talking to Boris.]

Lou: "And then we'd walk fifteen miles in the snow to..." [The beetle lands on Lou's nose.] "Dagnabbit!"

[Lou flicks the beetle off his nose, and it flies towards Drew, who is holding a soda.]

Drew: "So then we took the windfall profit, we invested in CDs and Money markets and..." [The beetle lands on Drew's shoulder.Drew: "Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!"

[Howard swats the beetle off Drew's shoulder, and the beetle flies towards Spike, who is sniffing the burgers on Stu's barbecue grill. The beetle lands on Spike's nose, and Stu can be heard scat singing as the beetle crawls onto Spike's head and Spike pants. Spike licks his lips as the camera zooms out, revealing Stu, who is wearing a Tip the Cook apron and chef's hat, to be flipping the burgers with a spatula.]

Stu: "I love a good barbecue!"

[Stu continues scat singing as he pulls out a camera and looks into it. A view from the camera is now shown as Betty is at the snack table, dipping a chip. She sees Stu and waves at him. Stu moves his camera past Angelica, who is playing on the swing, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, who are in the playpen as Didi puts Tommy in it, Drew and Howard, who are talking to each other, and Chas, Minka, Lou, Boris, and several other party guests, one of whom is often believed to be Chas' wife, Melinda. Didi walks up to Stu.]

Didi: "How are those turkey patties coming, Stu?"
Stu: "Great, honey. They'll be ready in no time!"
Didi: "What's with Spike?"

[Spike pants and licks his lips.]

Stu: "Oh, nothing, dear. He just wants one of these burgers, but hey, you can't have everything you want in life," [A drop of sauce lands on Spike's nose, and Stu pets Spike's head.] "Can you, big fella?"

[The camera zooms out on Stu, Didi, and Spike as Spike pants, until it reaches the inside of the playpen, where Phil and Lil are revealed to have watched from inside.]

Phil: "I hate barbecues! There's nothing for us to do!"
Tommy: "I know, let's play with my new ball!"

[Tommy crawls up to his ball and picks it up. A light shines off it as Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all gasp in awe.]

Chuckie: "Wow, Tommy! Where'd you get it?"
Tommy: "My Grandpa gave it to me. It's my favorite toy in the whole wide world, and it's fun! Here, Chuckie, catch!"

[Tommy tosses his ball into the air and falls over. Chuckie reaches for the ball, but Angelica catches it before he can and pulls it away. Tommy stares in shock as he gets back up.]

Angelica: "Nice toy!"
Tommy: "Gimme my ball, Angelica!"
Angelica: "Ask me nice."
Tommy: "Gimme my ball!"
Angelica: "Say pretty please with sugar on top."
Tommy"Gimme my ball!"
Angelica: "Say 'Angelica is the nicest, prettiest person in the whole wide world.'"
Tommy: "Gimme my ball!"
Angelica: "Well, if you can't be nicer than that, I guess you'll never see your dumb, old ball again!"

[Angelica tosses the ball and punches it, and it flies into the air. Tommy gasps as he, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all stare in shock at it. The ball flies past a bird, which squawks, and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica all watch as the ball continues flying higher into the air. Angelica then turns to face Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil.]

Angelica: "I'm leaving! You little kids are no fun to play with!"

[Angelica skips away as Tommy continues staring in shock.]

Lil: "Don't worry, Tommy!"
Phil: "It's just a dumb ball, anyway."

[Tommy cries, and the camera zooms in on his mouth. Stu hears the crying and turns his attention to it, as do Lou and Minka. Howard hears the crying, then looks at Angelica, who innocently pretends not to. Didi runs up to Tommy.]

Didi: What's wrong, Tommy? What happened? [Didi picks up Tommy and coos at him.] "Oh, boo-boo, what's the matter, baby?" [As Didi lifts Tommy up, Tommy sees his ball behind the fence in a neighbor's yard. A light shines on the ball as the camera zooms in on it, then Tommy stops crying.] "All better now."

[Didi sets Tommy back down into the playpen, then kisses him on the forehead. Tommy watches as Didi walks away, then the camera moves over to Chuckie, Phil, and Lil.]

Phil: "Why'd you stop crying? You could have got anything you wanted!"
Tommy: "I saw it!"
Phil and Lil: "Saw what?"
Tommy: "My ball! It's over the fence!"

[Tommy points at the fence behind him.]

Phil: "The fence?"
Lil: "Who knows what's on the other side?"

[Phil walks up to Tommy and puts his hand on his shoulder.]

Phil: "She's right, Tommy, you'd better forget about it."
Tommy: "Forget about it? I can't forget about it! It's my ball!"
Chuckie: "Tommy, it's the next yard. You're only a baby!"
Tommy: "A baby's gotta do, what a baby's gotta do!"  [As Tommy talks to Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, one of his diaper tapes comes undone, causing his diaper to fall, exposing the bottom half of his body. Tommy looks down at his half-untaped diaper and stares at in shock. He grabs it and pulls it up, blushing in embarrassment. Chuckie and Phil look at each other, then Tommy grabs his screwdriver, which is in a stuffed kangaroo's pouch, and uses it to open the playpen.] "Who's with me?"

[The camera moves over to Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. Phil and Lil bravely step forward, but Chuckie worriedly hangs his head, then, realizing there's no way out of it, shrugs his shoulders and steps forward. The camera moves back to Tommy.]

Tommy: "Let's go!"

[Tommy falls over and starts crawling. Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all follow him. The camera moves past a loaf of Tree Bark bread, a box of Ersatz Herbs, a gallon of Loose Bruce Prune Juice, a bottle of Diet Lemon, a bottle of Lite BBQ sauce, a container of Just Say No! Pepper, a box of No Tears! Imitation onions, a bottle of Meatless Miracle sauce, a can of No Salt Savory Seaweed, and a bag of Unsweetended Sugar as Stu scat sings. Stu then grabs the bottle of Meatless Miracle sauce, and as he pours it onto the burger patties, Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Chuckie all move past him.]

Stu: "Stu Pickles cordon bleu!"

[Didi walks past Stu.]

Didi: "How are the burgers coming, hon?"
Stu: "Can't rush these things, Deed!" [The camera moves down to Spike, who is still panting.] "Can you, boy?"

[At the fence, Tommy moves a potted plant aside. He then pushes the fence forward, and he, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all gasp as they stare in shock. The camera moves past the next backyard, from a barbecue grill to a hollow log.]

Chuckie: "I don't know, Tommy. I don't think this is such a good idea!
Tommy: "Aw, come on! Don't be a baby!"

[Tommy crawls through the fence, and Phil and Lil follow him from behind. Chuckie follows them.]

Phil:' "Where is it, Tommy?"

[As Tommy talks, the camera zooms in on the bushes in the distance.]

Tommy: "I'm not sure, but I know it's here!"

[The camera cuts to a view from inside Chuckie's mouth.]

Chuckie: "Let's go back before it's too late!"
Tommy: "No, let's split up! We'll cover more ground that way!

[Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all move out in separate directions. Phil stops when he reaches the barbecue grill, which the camera zooms in on. Phil stares at in in awe, then walks up to it and knocks on the door. He opens it, crawls inside, and looks up.]

Phil: "Hello!"

[Dust and dirt fall on Phil. He crawls out of the barbecue grill and swats at the cloud of dust, then falls over. Chuckie stops near some branches, then looks at the hollow log, which the camera zooms in on. Chuckie walks up to the hole at the top of the log, climbs into it, and looks inside.]

Chuckie: "Nope, not in here!"

[Chuckie grunts as he tries to pull himself out, but gets stuck.]

Chuckie: "Uh-oh."

[The screen transitions to a view of a fountain with a frog statue on it. Phil and Lil look at each other from each side of the fountain, and yell when they see each other. Tommy walks up to them.]

Tommy: "Did you find it?"
Phil: "Nope."

[The camera moves over to Lil.]

Lil: "Me neither."

[The camera moves over to Tommy.]

Tommy: "Where's Chuckie?"
Chuckie: "Help! Help!"

[Tommy looks over at Chuckie, who is trapped in the hollow log.]

Tommy: "Chuckie!"

[Tommy, Phil, and Lil all walk up to Chuckie.]

Tommy: "Chuckie, what happened?"
Chuckie: "I was looking for the ball!"
Tommy: "What?"
Chuckie: "I was looking for the ball, and I got stuck!"

[Tommy and Phil each grab one of Chuckie's shoes, and they grunt as they pull on them, until they pull Chuckie out of the hollow log. Chuckie grunts as he lands on the grass.]

Tommy: "Are you okay, Chuckie?"

[The camera zooms in on Chuckie as Tommy walks away.]

Chuckie: "Am I okay? Am I okay?"

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, he stands back up and tears fill his eyes.]

Chuckie: "First, you talk me into breaking out of the playpen, then you lead me here to a place that scares me, then you get me stuck in the tree, and for what, huh? Nothin'! I bet you never even saw that dumb ball!"

[Tommy turns away from Chuckie, then gasps as he stares in awe.]

Chuckie: "Where is it, Tommy? Huh? Where? Where?"
Tommy: "There!"

[Tommy points in front of him, and the camera moves over to the other side of the fence, where Tommy's ball is standing near a doghouse. A light shines off the ball, and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all run towards the fence. They soon reach it, and look over at the ball. Tommy then turns to face Chuckie.]

Tommy: "I knew we'd find my ball! Come on, help me up!"

[Chuckie stares worriedly at Tommy. Phil and Lil grunt as Tommy climbs onto their arms, and they toss him over the fence. Tommy grunts as he lands on the other side. Chuckie then walks towards Phil and Lil and climbs onto their amrs, then they grunt as they toss him over the fence. Chuckie grunts as he lands on the other side, and Phil gears up to run.]

Phil: "Me next!"

[The camera moves over to Lil.]

Lil: "No, me next!"

[The camera moves back to Phil.]

Phil: "Me!"

[The camera moves back to Lil, who is sitting and stomping her feet.]

Lil: "No, me!"

[Tommy and Chuckie look back at Phil and Lil.]

Tommy: "You guys stay here! We'll get the ball and come right back."

[Tommy crawls towards the ball, and Chuckie follows behind him. A light shines on the ball, then the camera moves up to the doghouse as a pair of eyes can be seen inside. A view inside the doghouse inside is shown as the dog growls. The dog looks over at Tommy as he crawls towards the ball, with Chuckie following behind him.]

Tommy: "See, Chuckie? This was easy!"

[A light shines off the ball. Tommy and Chuckie hear the dog growling and turn their attention to him. The dog pulls himself out of his doghouse, revealing him to be a bulldog with a red spiked collar. The bulldog growls at Tommy and Chuckie, who stare in shock and the latter of whom gasps. The bulldog runs towards Tommy and Chuckie and barks, and when he hits the ground, the screen rumbles. Phil and Lil watch from behind the fence. As the bulldog continues running, he barks again, and the screen rumbles as he hits the ground again. Tommy and Chuckie hug each other and scream, but before the Bulldog can attack them, he is pulled back by his chain-link leash. The camera moves across the leash, revealing the other end to be attached to his doghouse. The Bulldog continues growling at Tommy and Chuckie.]

Chuckie: "Come on, Tommy, let's get out of here!"

[Tommy walks away from Chuckie.]

Tommy: "Not without my ball!"

[Phil and Lil watch from behind the fence, and they cover their eyes.]

Phil and Lil: "Please don't eat Tommy! Please don't eat Tommy! Please don't eat Tommy!"

[As Tommy gets closer to his ball, the Bulldog barks rapidly at him. Chuckie looks over at te Bulldog's doghouse, which which starts to come loose. The Bulldog growls and barks at Tommy as Tommy picks up his ball, then barks rapidly as Tommy walks away. Tommy then walks past Chuckie.]

Tommy: "Chuckie, I got it! Let's go!"

[Tommy ducks down, then the Bulldog growls at Tommy. He tries to run towards him, but his leash holds him back. Chuckie climbs onto Tommy, and climbs over the fence as the dog barks at him. The doghouse becomes more loose.]

Chuckie: "Jump now, Tommy! Hurry!"

[Tommy turns around and gasps as he stares in shock at the Bulldog, who continues barking and trying to run towards him. Tommy then turns back around, and tries to jump over the fence, but it is too high.]

Tommy: "I can't do it by myself, the fence is too high!"

[A creaking sound can be heard, indicating the doghouse is becoming even more loose. The Doghouse comes off the platform. Phil and Lil see this, and scream as they run away. Tommy screams and stares in shock at the Bulldog, who barks rapidly as he gets closer to him. Phil and Lil run through the backyard, and through the hole in the fence. In Tommy's backyard, Betty is about to eat a piece of cauliflower, when Phil and Lil each grab one of her legs and pant heavily. Didi looks down at them, then back at the open playpen.]

Didi: "Where's Tommy? Stu, I can't find Tommy!"

[Stu flips a patty high into the air and drops his spatula upon hearing this. He runs away, then the patty lands on the edge of the grill. Spike looks at it and licks his lips. Meanwhile, the Bulldog continues barking as he gets closer to Tommy, who screams in fear. The camera zooms out on Tommy and moves over to Spike, who tries to catch the patty in his mouth, but when he hears Tommy scream, he realizes Tommy is in trouble and needs his help. Spike runs past a can of ice with cans of soda inside, knocking it over in the process, then jumps onto the table, knocking over all the food. He looks over to the next yard, and the camera zooms in on a screaming Tommy. Spike looks up at a tiki mask, then jumps through it, getting his face caught in hit. He then jumps onto the snack table, knocking over the chips and dip, then jumps over the fence. Spike pants as he runs towards Tommy, then the Bulldog continues barking as he gets closer to Tommy. Tommy watches as Spike jumps over the fence in slow motion, landing between him and the Bulldog. Spike growls at the bulldog, then barks at him, scaring him. The Bulldog wimpers as he runs back into his doghouse, which falls over.]

Tommy: "Spike!"

[Tommy climbs onto Spike's back, and Spike turns around and jumps over the fence. Chuckie climbs onto Spike's back, and Spike runs back across the backyard in slow motion. A view inside a trash can is shown as Stu looks inside it.]

Stu: "Tommy, you there?"
Didi: "Stu, look!"

[Didi points in front of her as Spike walks back through the fence, dragging Tommy by the back of his diaper. Stu stares at this, then Chuckie then tumbles through the fence.]

Chas: "Chuckie!"

[Stu sighs in relief, then Didi walks up to Tommy, who holds out his arms, indicating he wants her to pick him up.]

Didi: "Tommy, my baby! Oh!"

[Didi picks up Tommy.]

Didi: "You gave us quite a scare, little man!"

[Didi hugs Tommy. Stu then pets Spike's head, which no longer has the tiki mask on it.]

Stu: "Good boy, Spike! You saved the day!"
Betty: "Hey, what's that?"

[Betty points in front of her. The camera moves over to the barbecue grill as everyone stares in shock. The patties have now caught fire, and a cloud of smoke emits.]

Stu: "My burgers!"

[The camera zooms in on the cloud of smoke, then the screen transitions to a view of the starry sky that night as fireworks light it up. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Spike all look up. Tommy hugs Spike and giggles. The red beetle from the beginning of the episode is on Spike's head. Tommy coos at it and picks it up, then remembering what Didi said to him earlier, sets him back down in the grass. Tommy coos as he looks up at the sky and Stu brings Spike a plate of his now-burnt patties.]

Stu: "Here you go, Spike, old boy!"

[Stu sets the plate down in front of Spike.]

Stu: Burnt to a crisp, just like you like em'!"

[Spike eats one of the patties, and Tommy coos as he hugs him. The camera zooms out on Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Spike, Stu, and Didi as they watch the fireworks, then it zooms out on Tommy's house. The screen fades to black, ending]