Barbara Slade
Barbara Slade began her screenwriting career in London when her first show "Brown Bear's Wedding" starring Helena Bonham Carter, Joss Ackland and Hugh Laurie aired on ITV, Christmas day. It sold to most major territories, and was nominated for five Emmy awards including 'Best Writer'. Barbara returned to America, where she continued her career, writing and developing children's series for Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC, Fox and many other networks worldwide. She has written features for both Working Title and Disney and has received numerous awards including a 'Humanitas' for one of her episodes of 'Rugrats'.

Barbara (now a British citizen) lives in London, yet travels extensively, heading up shows for the international market. She has worked as a writer/producer for the Disney Channel U.K, and was recently in Melbourne, Australia, filming her first original live-action series "Dead Gorgeous", currently airing on CBBC and ABC. Barbara has just completed a pilot with Telegael and The Jim Henson Company for her next original series "Alexander and Pete" and is currently in development on a pre-school project and feature film.

She wrote the episode Tommy and the Secret Club and Chuckie Grows (with Rick Gitelson).

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