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The Banana Brothers
Name(s): Igor (the skinny blonde one) and Serge (the fat brown-haired one)
Gender(s): Males
Species(es): Human
Occupation(s): Circus performers/ringmen
Interest(s): Monkeys, coffee, donuts
Relatives: None
Friends: Monkeys
Enemies: None
Only Apperance: The Rugrats Movie
""Direct from Moscow, the Banana Bros. Monkey Circus! Featuring the most amazing monkey since Breznev! This is real monkey business, so trotsky on down! The Banana Bros. Monkey Circus.""
―The commercial for the Circus

The Banana Brothers Igor & Serge are a pair of men from Moscow, Russia that run a travelling monkey circus. They are voiced by Phil Proctor & Abe Benrubi, respectively.

They appear to be the only people running the circus, as well as the only humans in the circus. Whether or not they are truly brothers is unknown.

The circus train arrives in town near the beginning of the movie. Igor and Sergei leave the train unattended to get coffee, but the monkeys get loose (or were already loose) and manage to drive the train into the woods. The monkeys serve as the secondary antagonists of the film, while their human trainers are not seen until the end.

When the babies are found by their parents and police, the Banana Brothers exit a police car and are reunited happily with their monkeys, who then proceed to jump on an injured Rex Pester to everyone else's delight.


Igor is the skinnier of the two, with blonde hair, overalls and a train conductor's hat.

Serge is the fatter, rounder one dressed like a typical ringman. He has brown hair and a small brown mustache.


The two only appear in the Rugrats Movie, and mentioned in the epilogue where they are described by Chuckie as the monkeys' "daddies."


  • Igor, when arguing with Serge, states that he prefers coffee in Kiev, stating that 'Nothing is better in St. Petersburg', while Serge prefers coffee from St. Petersburg. Kiev is the capitol of Ukraine while St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia.
  • Igor shares his name with one of the two directors of the movie, Igor Kovalyov. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown, as there is no character named Norton (for Norton Virgien).
  • In the commercial for the circus, the word 'trotsky' is used. This is a parody on Russian words ending in the suffix 'sky/ski', and a reference to Soviet leader Leon Trotsky.
    • Also "the most amazing monkey since Brezhnev" is an unflattering reference to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.
  • Igor spoke one word in Russian; "Nyet" means no in Russian. He also ranted that wasn't clear through the audience so it's unknown if it's fluent Russian.
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